Magic by Guy Hollingworth

Guy Hollingworth's Renovations Book
Guy Hollingworth's Renovations
Book by Guy Hollingworth - $20.00

It's a really, really, really big deal when Guy Hollingworth releases new material. He is one of our favorite close-up magicians and he hasn't released anything completely new in a very long time (his wonderful DVDs are a re-release of his previous work). The good news is that these lecture notes...

Drawing Room Deceptions Book
Drawing Room Deceptions
Book by Guy Hollingworth - $45.00

Drawing Room Deceptions did not become the publisher's fastest selling book ever just by chance. It was the direct result of a series of specific events. The first ingredient was a young English schoolboy willing to invest a full decade of his young life in the study and practice of close-up card...

Once Upon A Time Trick
Once Upon A Time
Trick by Guy Hollingworth - $45.00

What does Guy Hollingworth, a full-time British barrister who may very well be the most sophisticated magician in the world, have in common with children’s magic? How can this Magic Castle Magician of the Year, about whom Derren Brown says, "You not only admire him, you want desperately to be...

The Reformation Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive The Reformation
Magic download (video) by Guy Hollingworth - $25.00

Perhaps Guy’s most celebrated effect, The Reformation is performed and taught in intricate detail, followed by a discussion on alternate handlings. A signed playing card is torn into quarters, only to be reassembled piece by piece. A miracle. A classic. Approximate Runtime: 50 minutes.

Hollingworth Collection DVD
Hollingworth Collection
DVD by Guy Hollingworth - $80.00

Back in 2009 we began a voyage to produce a project that possessed potential to transform the world of magic. In the spring of 2014 that journey culminates with the release of the Hollingworth Collection, and needless to say, our groundbreaking expectations have been far surpassed. With the aid of...

London Collection DVD
London Collection
DVD by Guy Hollingworth - $34.95

Guy Hollingworth is one of our favourite magicians of all time. When he originally released the London Collection on VHS, we were stunned. The effects were stunning and the methods were intricate. For a long while, the London Colection has been unavailable but now it is back. Dan and Dave Buck...

The London Collection Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive The London Collection
Magic download (video) by Guy Hollingworth - $30.00

Filmed in 1996, London Collection by Guy Hollingworth entered the magic community to resounding acclaim. Guy’s work married elegance with card magic, and his gravitas and style have remained unrivaled. Long since out of print, this re-release of London Collection features seven of Guy’s signature...

Routines (download) Magic download (video)
Routines (download)
Magic download (video) by Guy Hollingworth - $30.00

Routines DVD
DVD by Guy Hollingworth - $34.95

Four years after London Collection came the long awaited publication of Routines. Not only is the magic exceptional but Routines gives you a glimpse into Guy's thought process and how his effects develop. Join Guy as he travels throughout England, elucidating the methods to eight of his...

Epilogue DVD
DVD by Guy Hollingworth - $26.95

When Guy first performed The Reformation for a wide audience on the World's Greatest Magic TV show, he blew away lay people and magicians alike. Ever since, magicians have obsessed over the torn and restored card plot yet The Reformation remains as the benchmark. Perhaps Guy’s most...