Guy Hollingworth Playing Cards

Deck of cards by Guy Hollingworth
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Guy Hollingworth Playing Cards

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Deck of cards by Guy Hollingworth (From $15.00)

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Some of the most iconic and beloved playing cards ever made are finally available again—and they’re better than ever!

The original “Guy Hollingworth Playing Cards” took the community by storm when they were first introduced by The Buck Twins many years ago. They were an immediate bestseller that sold out quickly and have been cherished by magicians, cardists and playing card collectors ever since.

For years, the only way to get your hands on them was to trade or pay top dollar on the secondary market. Now, Vanishing Inc. is proud to introduce you to the brand-new “Guy Hollingworth Playing Cards”. This absolutely stunning, art-deco inspired deck of cards is near-perfect homage to the originals, with some much-needed updates based directly on feedback from you. And, for collectors, there’s even a limited edition deluxe collector’s box.

We spent more than two years working directly with Guy to reproduce these playing cards. While Guy always loved the original design, it’s undeniable that the borderless design made card magic and sleight of hand more difficult to perform. So, thin white borders have been added to make this the perfect deck of cards for all your favorite card tricks. Paired with matching jokers, a blank-faced playing card and a special quartet gimmick, this deck of cards is a card magician’s dream.

NOTE: No instructions for the “Quartet Gimmick” are included.

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Customer reviews for Guy Hollingworth Playing Cards



I have the chance to be the owner of the first edition…. But to scared to use it. Now with a full set I can use it when I want.

But more than a reprint, Vanishing And Guy improved the cards with à white margin, which is more useful for performers. And if you are a Guy fan, you will also get the quartet card

And the box set is magnificent and signed by the master himself.



I purchased two of these decks one emerald and one burgundy and they are beautiful as the handle like butter they have a soft Finish with minimal design and what is great is that with each deck comes with the gaff cards that you need to perform the gimmicked version of waving the aces which is fantastic so don't wait just buy these and you won't be disappointed.



These playing cards is an absolute masterpiece, the thin crushed stock makes them beautiful for palming, they shuffle super soft, and once you get these your class will go from cool to extravagant.



We finally have these playing cards with the white border. They are very ellegant and super nice quality. They handle as butter in your hands and it’s a very classy deck, just as Guy is. The jokers are great. This deck can’t miss in your collection.



Finally we can have this amazing cards with the white border. They are very stylish and also one of the very best cards I ever handled. The crushed stock gives them a very nice weight as well. Definitely worthy!



Hi ,
I recently bought the collector's box.I already had the original version.the problem in the old version is that there were no white margins.the problem has been solved with this new version.the quality of the cards is exceptional ! And I weigh my words ..
Best ,
David Jade



Never managed to get my hands on the original GH cards produced by D&D, so I was excited to see VI reproduce these. Not only reprint them but tweak them to make them even better. The cards now have a border! May not sound like much, but a simple border makes me a very happy boy.

Lovely design, handles like a dream, and will definitely become a revered staple in my collection.



First of all, the care VI team put on every order is unique, from updates on shipping or delivering, to packaging. And about the product, very high quality playing cards and a beautiful designed and crafted brick box. Everything you expect and more.



I honestly think they are my all time's favourite cards. Especially the Burgundy ones. Wow. In hands the feeling is priceless (I just feel like I hold the best deck ever produced in the world!). Grab at least one and you won't be disappointed.



These cards are amazing! The design is minimal and elegant, the card stock is super thin and soft, making handling so enjoyable, and you can tell like the other new Cartamundi decks (Copag decks on B9?) that they'll last a lifetime. They're not great for faro shuffles but apart from that they're excellent. The box is gorgeous too.

They come with two jokes, a blank card, and a strange gimmick that I have no idea how to use. A shame not to see a double backer but apart from that a truly perfect deck of cards — I should have bought a brick!


Community questions about Guy Hollingworth Playing Cards

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  • Jason asks: Are the decks signed/numbered or just the brick box itself (in the limited edition)? What is the 'limited' run of each color?

    • 1. Paul answers: From the product description: “Each collector’s edition brick box is signed and numbered, and comes with six of each deck.” From the rules about posting here: “Questions about stock, availability etc. should be emailed and not posted here.”
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  • Craig asks: Who is the box signed by? Buck twins? Also what’s the quantity of the boxes?

    • 1. Joshua answers: This is a really really bad question.
    • 2. Paul answers: From the rules about posting here: “Questions about stock, availability etc. should be emailed and not posted here.”
    • 3. Andreas answers: Is that question for real? :D Who do you think signed the GUY HOLLINGWORTH Playing Cards? :)
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  • Michael asks: Where can I find instructions for the Quartet Gimmick? - Is this covered in the book "Drawing Room Deceptions" (which is unfortunately out of stock right now) ? - The original booklet ( seems to be out of print.

    • 1. Sune answers: You can get it here
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  • Benjamin asks: Is the 12 deck box 6 Emerald decks and 6 Burgundy decks? I can’t tell from the pics.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, the 12 deck brick box is a mix of the two colors.
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