Magic by Wonder Makers

Wonder Card Trick
Wonder Card
Trick by Wonder Makers - 29.95

From visual productions to mind-blowing serial number predictions and more, Wonder Card is one of the practical and versatile credit card gimmicks...

Haze Trick
Trick by Wonder Makers - 74.95

The first smoke device you can put in the hands of your audience! "Haze" is an amazing smoke device that hides in plain sight, allowing...

Vanishing Sunglasses Trick
Vanishing Sunglasses
Trick by Wonder Makers - 64.95

A stunningly visual and wildly impossible vanish that happens right in front of them. "Vanishing Sunglasses" packs a real punch with...

Replacement Coil Set for Haze Refill
Replacement Coil Set for Haze
Refill by Wonder Makers - 19.95

"Coil Replacement Set" created exclusively for "Haze" by Wonder Makers Comes with 10 coils Liquid Replacement...