Turn by Peter Pellikaan

Trick by Peter Pellikaan
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Turn by Peter Pellikaan

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Trick by Peter Pellikaan ($20.00)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Tuesday morning
Turn by Peter Pellikaan - magic
Turn by Peter Pellikaan Turn by Peter Pellikaan Turn by Peter Pellikaan Turn by Peter Pellikaan

TURN is just one of those tricks you have to see. So, stop what you're doing and watch the quick trailer--it's less than a minute long.

In short, this trick with four cards is an ADVENTURE. Cards change from blue to red to multicolored, and the faces change from blank to Queens to Jokers. But it's the smooth-as-silk handling that sets this packet trick apart. Dare we say, it might be the most efficient, amazing packet trick we've ever seen. It is certainly our VERY favorite Peter Pellikaan creation to date. Usually in tricks of this kind, there are necessary adjustments. You have to change the count you do, or move a card from top to bottom, or do a secret reversal, or take a card out, or add one in. GONE! In TURN, the handling looks identical in each phase, and one phase flows seamlessly into the next.

You receive a set of specially gimmicked cards and an easy-to-follow video tutorial.


Community questions about Turn by Peter Pellikaan

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  • Jim asks: Is the Elmsley count needed? Any other counts? Thx

    • 1. John answers: Just by watching the trailer it looks like there is some sort of version of an Elmsley Count/some sort of count
    • 2. David answers: If you have a copy of “Counts, Cuts, Moves, & Subtlety”, you too can do this trick! My copy is signed by the author, and I refer to it often.
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  • Dennis asks: Just trying to clarify the above without any exposure: are any counts involved. Fair question?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There is a false count involved.
    • 2. Simon answers: It requires the brother Hammond two for four count. Easliy available from countless books and dvds. Dr S Lightovand
  • Mark asks: More specific....yes or no - do you need to be proficient at doing the Elmsley count? If not, then it is truly the best packet trick ever!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There is a false count, but it is not an Elmsley count.
  • Murray asks: Is the video downloadable (or,instead, only available to watch online)?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can download it or watch it online.
  • Matthieu asks: Is it very different from Rainbow Connection by Mathieu Bich?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Very
  • Rohan asks: How is the clean up on this? Are the last 4 cards examinable? or this is just used for Instagram etc?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The cards can be examined one by one during the routine but cannot be handed out at the end. If this worries you, I would suggest not buying this effect though :)
  • Frank asks: I assume you cannot hand out the cards at the end?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Correct
  • Jeffrey asks: I know it "looks Obvious" from the trailer but you never know for sure unless you ask - Are these all Phoenix Brand Cards? (I am a Phoenix user and hope they will match up for me). Also, I guess I can ask for the loyal bike folks, Can you get them in bicycle? I understand that a "packet trick" really doesn't matter in the long run as you are only using a few cards but it really matters to some people I guess. Thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They are Phoenix backs. You are also taught how to make your own gimmicks on the explanation if you are of a different deck-persuasion.
    • 2. Robert answers: Why do you do most of your card miracles with Phoenix decks? They are hard to get
    • 3. Benjamin answers: Well they obviously aren't har to get. You just type in the search bar directly above on this site and buy a case. You also can buy them directly from Phoenix if you're picky. If you're really lazy to order online then just walk to a Barnes&Noble and check if they have any. Honestly they aren't hard to get and if you've read the motto of theirs it cards made for magicians ??
    • 4. Jeffrey answers: Phoenix cards are not hard to get. There is a warehouse in Europe and the USA. I am very pleased that Josh got on board early and many top name magicians are using Phoenix brand today. There are many great reasons to switch but I agree (which is why I asked) that many gaffs still only come in Rider Back. I am glad that I am a pretty good self gaffer now so I can just buy the product in bike and make m y own in Phoenix when I need to. To be honest, once you try out the new LARGE PIP decks, it will be hard to go back to anything else. It is amazing what a small tweak can achieve without making them look like those ugly "JUMBO BIKES". Even his stripper decks. He tweaked the artwork on the back just enough to hide the trim. A true work of art.
  • Victor asks: What is the reset? If I do strolling is this usable?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Reset is very quick.
  • Nick asks: Is it possible this will be released as download only? I see no reason to pay shipping to Canada for this effect, specially when I wont use the cards supplied anyway.

    • 1. Tony answers: You can email to Vanishing at magic@vanishingincmagic.com they can arrange the download for you
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  • Craig asks: How difficult is it to make the gimmicks up in 4 different brand card backs? Which would be more along the lines of Cervon’s Dirty Deal.

    • 1. Tony answers: It's very easy to make but you will need to buy some extra stuff from Vanishing
    • 2. Jeffrey answers: Although the something extra you need to make your own set (or to replentish the set that comes after many many uses) is not expensive but you probably have a similar "Item/substance" that could be used as well. It is gone over in the instructions.
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  • Douglas asks: How difficult is the making the false count look so good for a young starting magician of 18? Would this be better letter as he gets better or can he learn this fairly easily?

    • 1. Harapan answers: Just like any magic trick and any sleight, it does take some practice to make it smooth, but I don't think age is a factor.
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  • Wayne asks: Seriously, what do you move to reset TURN? You say it's easy.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The reset is covered in the instructions. If you need assistance, feel free to email us.
  • Matthew asks: Can the trick be done out of the box, or do we need to make the Gimmicks with our own decks?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You receive the cards, and they are ready to be used.
  • Andrew asks: Could I keep this in my wallet? Or would the ware and tear compromise the method?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yup. So long as it's not so tight that the cards warp.
  • Neal asks: Not a question, but a lot of these comments don’t seem to understand how beautiful this effect really is. So what if there a kind of count that occurs a couple or three times or more? It’s a beauty that would be worth learning a new count to be able to perform. ( getting off my soapbox now.)

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Glad you like it!
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Customer reviews for Turn by Peter Pellikaan



Although some of Mr Pellikaan's stuff is rough to learn (gruff voice and one camera angle self shot) I have been able to learn some really clever stuff by giving it the time and effort. "TURN" however, is actually taught by "Nathan" (from VI)? and he does a fantastic job. This is a very easy effect to learn and perform and reset is next to nothing. What you see is what you get, ready to go out of the box.



Relatively quick to learn for all skill levels and enough great beats to make it more than worth that twenty bucks.

The instructional video is great and covers everything, including the very quick reset.

Dope stuff.






This is a wonderful quick trick, but mine came without roughing it seems. I used the roughing stick from Vanishing Inc which works fine. I don't know if this is a common thing or just something that affect the packet I recieved, but I wanted to point out that you may not be able to perform it if you don't have a roughing stick.







I love packet tricks and this is no exception. The tutorial walks you through every step of the performance extremely clearly. The setup is explained in great detail. This is one of those effects that you can perform on a moments notice and will really wow the spectators.



It's cool



It's cool



"TURN" is one of the most magical packet tricks I have seen, which does not involve any difficult moves or sleight of hand, yet is filled with change after change, both faces and backs. There is nothing else I have seen in the way of packet tricks that packs so much visual magic into a few cards that you can carry with you in your wallet. For the cost, you receive a set of specially printed cards that are ready to use, and a tutorial which teaches you how to perform "TURN", and as a bonus, how to make your own custom set of cards if you desire. I highly recommend you check out the trailer and you will see how wonderful this effect is!



I really love this effect. It’s simple yet effective and the video is excellent. Looking at the comments and questions, I can tell you this effect works well and the reset can be done in seconds.

Turn by Peter Pellikaan by Peter Pellikaan