Magic by Ryan Plunkett

Distilled (Ryan Plunkett) Book or download
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Distilled (Ryan Plunkett)
Book or download by Ryan Plunkett - Book $54.95 or download for $41.21

Ryan Plunkett's Distilled is a handsome, 200-page volume of practical and professional material, plucked straight from his working repertoire. Like a...

Ryan Plunkett Masterclass Masterclass
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Ryan Plunkett Masterclass
Masterclass by Ryan Plunkett - 75.00

You’re in for a real treat this November as we welcome in one of the premier magicians and creators from Chicago’s vibrant magic scene, Ryan...

A New Angle Book
A New Angle
Book by Michael Feldman and Ryan Plunkett - 50.00

A New Angle is full of thoughtfully constructed routines that will not only entertain and fool, but will naturally inspire you with creative...

Tyvek Envelope System Trick
Tyvek Envelope System
Trick by Ryan Plunkett - 39.95

Unlock a whole new world of potential with the Tyvek Envelope System. Envelopes have been used by magicians and mentalists for decades. From switches...

Blow Hard Trick
Blow Hard
Trick by Ryan Plunkett and Magic Shop San Diego - 59.95

An entertaining and fooling modern twist on the classic light/heavy illusion. You’ll have as much fun performing this as your audiences will have...

Some Assembly Required Trick
Some Assembly Required
Trick by Ryan Plunkett - 24.95

We are excited to present to you the first project by Chicago-based magician, Ryan Plunkett. This book includes 6 highly original routines. These...