Tyvek Envelope System

Trick by Ryan Plunkett
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Tyvek Envelope System

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Trick by Ryan Plunkett ($40.00)

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Tyvek Envelope System - magic
Tyvek Envelope System Tyvek Envelope System Tyvek Envelope System Tyvek Envelope System Tyvek Envelope System Tyvek Envelope System

Unlock a whole new world of potential with the Tyvek Envelope System.

Envelopes have been used by magicians and mentalists for decades. From switches to peeks, to holding cards, billets and money, and so much more, envelopes are one of the most versatile props a performer can own. However, as they’re often made of paper, they also wear out quite easily. This means performers are constantly needing to replace or rebuild them.

What if your favorite envelopes were indestructible and could last a lifetime? With Tyvek Envelope System, you get just that. At last, you can perform your favorite routines with props that won’t wear out—giving you the confidence that a professional performer deserves.

The Tyvek Envelope System is not just another simple trick or gimmick, but rather a utility system that can help amplify all of your favorite routines or even take them to new heights. Magically make objects appear, vanish, and transform inside these seemingly standard envelopes.

You’ll receive 10 pre-cut, scored and disassembled envelopes made of gorgeous and extremely durable kraft Tyvek material. Tyvek does not rip, is more resistant to water and can easily withstand heavy usage. Toss these in your pocket or case without ever having to fear they’ll be damaged.

These Tyvek templates can be used to make any standard or gimmicked envelopes. In the more than hour-long instructional video, you’ll learn how to make three types of envelopes including a devious new device known as the “Decoy Envelope” that unlocks doors you never even knew existed. Ryan Plunkett also teaches multiple routines including predictions with playing cards, a monte game with bills and even pure mind reading with billets. Yet, this only scratches the surface of what’s possible with the premium Tyvek Envelope System.

Whether you’re a magician, a mentalist, or just enjoy building custom envelope gaffs and gimmicks, the Tyvek Envelope System is specifically designed for you.

Comes with:

  • 10 Tyvek envelope starter blanks
  • 1 plastic tracing template for making your own blank envelopes
  • Over an hour of expert online video instruction

IMPORTANT: The Tyvek Envelope System does require some minor DIY. Please watch the entire instructions before attempting to create your own envelopes. You will need rubber cement. It’s also recommended to have a rubber cement eraser and restickable glue available, but they are not required. None of these items are included in your package.

“The Tyvek Envelope System is a classy and elegant addition to every magician's performing repertoire. The routines made possible by these super useful and versatile envelopes are limited only by your imagination. Ryan has hit it out of the park once again!” Harapan Ong


Community questions about Tyvek Envelope System

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  • Gordon asks: Is a source provided for obtaining Tyvek that looks like kraft paper?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There is not but you're provided with a bunch of gimmicks to get you started.
  • Omar asks: Does the Tyvek Envelope System teach a method for using two or three nested envelopes, one inside the other (like the Nick Einhorn Nest of Wallets)? Thanks.

    • 1. Jim answers: No, it teaches its own envelope system.
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  • Richard asks: Does this include plans to make a double envelope?

    • 1. Jim answers: No, it teaches its own envelope system. The system can achieve a lot of what a double envelope technique could do.
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  • Les asks: After an exchange for one item for another using the envelope, can the envelope then be safely given to the spectator to open?

    • 1. Jim answers: In general, no. But the system is open, and you could come up with your own handlings.
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  • Bruce asks: Do the envelopes feel at least Similar to a real envelope or will it be obvious to a casual handler that there is some thing amiss

    • 1. Jim answers: The envelopes feel like a FedEx envelope.
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Customer reviews for Tyvek Envelope System



This is wonderful, and worth it alone for the elegant handling of 4DT with no nonsense in the pockets. Making all the parts of the system isn’t too terribly hard, some cutting, folding, and glueing. Very much worth it, the money monte and card routine are excellent routines as well, but man do I love that 4DT.



These are not (mainly) switching envelopes. Ryan has devised its own envelope system to make appearances, vanishes or transformations. Being made with Tyvek (plastic) the envelopes are garanteed to be very durable. They don't feel like craft paper to the touch but that's not really an issue, nobody will ever question that. The instructional video also contains three routines you can do with them (a mentalism routine, a monte routine with money and a card routine), but in the end you'll probably want to devise your own routines. I feel like these are options given to you to let you start thinking outside of the box. You also get a tracing template to build your own envelopes with the material you like. So, besides the pre-made Tyvek envelope templates, what you are really getting and what I think it's the real core of this project, is the system to build them. Having said that, Ryan does explain how to build a multiple out envelope if that's what you're after, but that's not what they were primarily designed for. Please be aware that you can't build enough Tyvek gaffs to do all the routines presented in the instructional video, so you'll have to pick and choose, but you probably won't do them all (I hope!).



While you can use this as a “switching envelope“, you need to incorporate a stack of identical envelopes in order to do so. I think that’s an important distinction to be made and I would’ve liked to have seen that in the description.

The design of the envelope allows for a very unique visual improvement to an otherwise standard switching method. The Tyvek material makes for a very sturdy prop, and the template is useful if you want to construct the envelope out of a different material.

Note that this is not a two-way, three-way, or four-way “out“ envelope. That is what I was mistakenly expecting, and so I personally was disappointed.

Tyvek Envelope System by Ryan Plunkett