Best Books for Intermediate to Advanced Magic

So you’ve read all the recommended magic books for beginners, downloaded our free card magic course, mastered your card magic basics and learned a few prop bets and bar tricks.

Now what?

if an octopus could palm book 10 year anniversary by the buck twins

As one of the world’s largest magic stores, we’re here to help you take your magic to the next level with 1,000s of magic tricks, magic books, magic downloads, playing cards, flash paper, invisible thread and anything else a magician could need.

We know this can be overwhelming though, especially in the exciting dealer’s room at a magic convention. That’s why we are here to help you discover the best way to learn magic tricks and learn card tricks.

Even in the modern age, magic books continue to offer the best value for your money. They typically offer more tricks than a single magic video, can be read at your own pace and can be easily referenced at any time. Here are the best books of intermediate to advanced magic.

The Books Of Wonder 1 and 2

By Tommy Wonder and Stephen Minch

the books of wonder by tommy wonder

The Books of Wonder is an iconic two-book set that is believed to have been the first magic book to showcase magic as a true artform. With help from beloved magic author Stephen Minch, legendary magician Tommy Wonder offers a blueprint for how a magic show can be presented as theater and not just a collection of magic tricks.

Included are a series of essays, routines and the secrets to magic tricks from Tommy Wonder’s professional magic show. This includes many of his most cherished magic tricks such as “The Watch, The Ring & The Wallet”, “Watch in Nest of Boxes”, “Tommy Wonder’s Two Cup Routines” and more than 50 of the best card tricks and sleight of hand moves.

The Books of Wonder are a must-read for any serious magician. Just look through our “My Favorite Magic Books” blog series and you’ll see how many professional magicians label it as one of the top magic books every magician should read.

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Tarbell Course in Magic

By Harlan Tarbell

Harlan Tarbell Coursein Magic full set

This 8-volume set is believed to be the ultimate resource for professional magicians to learn their tricks. Nearly every magic trick in history can trace its roots to something featured in the Tarbell Course in Magic*.

There are more than 100 detailed lessons covering everything from card magic to sleight of hand magic, money magic, coin tricks, mentalism and mind reading, mathematical magic, rope magic, stage magic and everything in between.

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By Harapan Ong

Principia book by Harapan Ong

Harapan Ong is a sensational magician from Singapore that has earned a reputation within the magic community for developing wildly creative, unique and fun card magic unlike anything we’ve ever seen. His revolutionary card magic has also earned him a huge social media following on Instagram and TikTok.

You can learn the secrets to these amazing card tricks in Principia. There is something for all skill levels from card tricks for beginners to intermediate and advanced card tricks. More than 60 card tricks are revealed in this book including impromptu card magic, packet tricks and tricks that use gaff cards.

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Pure Imagination

By Andi Gladwin, John Campbell and Scott Robinson

pure imagination book by scott robinson

The problem with a lot of intermediate to advanced magic tricks is that they try too hard to be fooling, and forget to be entertaining. With Pure Imagination, Scott Robinson shows how close-up magic can be interesting, visual and fun, while also still very fooling.

Across the 304 pages of this gorgeous book, you’ll find nearly 50 of Scott Robinson’s most amazing magic tricks revealed. There’s something for everyone from fun, self-working magic to knuckle-busting sleight of hand magic for the move monkeys.

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The Boy Who Cried Magic

By Andi Gladwin

the boy who cried magic magic book

After publishing more than 100 books for other professional magicians, Andi Gladwin finally released a book of card magic taken directly from his professional act. The Boy Who Cried Magic is a compilation of a lifetime of work and, almost overnight, became Vanishing Inc.’s bestselling magic book of all time.

16 card magic tricks and 15 card sleights such as the Master Pushoff and Undo Cut are taught in this book. With its glossy paper, perfect layout, and matching slipcase, The Boy Who Cried Magic is a stunning addition to any magic library. Buy The Boy Who Cried Magic

The Art of Astonishment

By Paul Harris

art of astonishment book cover

Close-up magic was never the same after Paul Harris introduced magicians around the world to his innovative magic tricks with The Art of Astonishment. This incredible 3-book set features more than 200 effects and essays showcasing Paul Harris’ signature style of thinking.

While some magic books can be slightly dry, the Art of Astonishment books are a ton of fun to read. They’re also bound to get your creative juices flowing. In fact, many professional magicians cite The Art of Astonishment as inspiration for creating their own magic tricks.

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Video Chat Magic

by Will Houstoun and Steve Thompson

video chat magic book

In early 2020, the world of magic had to adapt to the brand new idea of “virtual magic shows.” Performing magic tricks over Zoom was a novel (and somewhat scary) experience for many magicians. Thankfully, Will Houstoun and Steve Thompson not only embraced the challenge but were committed to finding ways to leverage its unique advantages.

This led to the creation of Video Chat Magic, the most comprehensive compilation of magic tricks, concepts, essays and tech solutions for virtual magic shows on Zoom, Google Meet or any other video chat platform. As thoughts on virtual magic continue to evolve and virtual magic proves that it’s here to stay, Video Chat Magic is a must-read for anyone looking to take advantage of the exciting world of virtual magic and becoming a more well-rounded magician.

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Honorable Mentions

To advance from a beginner magician to a professional magician, you’ll have to understand that there’s more to creating a good magic show than learning magic tricks. In fact, just reading a few books from this list will teach you enough tricks to build a whole magic show. But, If you want to take the next step, you’ll need to start learning how to evolve your magic with magic theory.

Designing Miracles book

Here are some of the best magic theory books for intermediate to advanced card magicians:

  • Maximum Entertainment by Ken Weber: Invaluable and practical insight for taking an amateur magic act and transforming it into a one-of-a-kind professional magic show.
  • Strong Magic by Darwin Ortiz: A must-read book for any magician looking to unlock the secrets to creating truly memorable magic that leaves an unforgettable impression on every audience.
  • Designing Miracles by Darwin Ortiz: A in-depth examination of how to leverage the psychology behind how an audience thinks to effectively structure a magic trick maximum impact.
  • Scripting Magic by Pete McCabe: A comprehensive guide to developing effective scripts that can improve any magic trick.