Magic Conventions

A big part of learning and growing in magic is going to magic conventions. What follows is an essential guide--a how-to approach to attending magic conventions and making the most of your experience.

What are Magic Conventions?
Magicians gather in various corners of the globe away from the public to hone their craft. There are close-up shows focusing on sleight-of-hand, as well as stage shows, lectures, talks, and workshops. What’s most amazing is that if your interests were rock music or cinema or comic books, it would be virtually impossible to meet your heroes. But in magic, it’s possible to attend a magic convention and actually talk with your heroes, or a world champion or a legend. At our convention, Magifest, we welcome a Guest of Honor each year who has contributed to the craft of magic. Out international convention, The Session, we give away a Lifetime Achievement Award for contributions to the art of magic.

Who goes to Magic Conventions?
Anyone! That’s the beauty. While there are some invitation-only conventions like Fechters Finger Flicking Frolic (4F), most magic conventions welcome anyone to attend. The biggest convention is held in Las Vegas, and the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians both hold annual conferences in cities that rotate around the country.

What happens at a magic convention?
If your interest is card magic, you’ll find a ton of events in which world-class magicians teach their own work on card tricks. If you prefer stage magic, you’ll find clinics and events to help you in those areas as well. The point is that no matter your interest in magic, there are events catered to it at a magic convention. In the evening there are typically gala shows, while the days are usually filled with contests or lectures. But the best part of a convention is the hang time between events. You can see some of the finest card tricks and coin tricks in the world, just sat a table with fellow attendees

What are the most popular magic conventions?
MagicLive in Las Vegas is one of the most popular magic conventions. The Genii Convention in Orlando, Florida, while smaller, boasts an over-crowded schedule and a great lobby to hang in. The Society of American Magicians hosts a convention every winter, and every summer the International Brotherhood of Magicians throws a great conference.

We offer two magic conventions: Magifest in Columbus, Ohio, welcomes more than 1000 magicians each year. We have the finest talent in the industry, and we do several late-night surprise events. Our close-up convention, The Session, is one of the most acclaimed magic conventions. It’s a full weekend devoted to close-up magic and jamming with some of the finest magicians in the world.

Which one should I attend?
If you can only choose one magic convention, we suggest Magifest in the United States, or The Session in London. These conventions offer the best value in terms of price and talent.