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Book by Darwin Ortiz
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Strong Magic

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Book by Darwin Ortiz (49.95)

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This magic book will make you question everything you think about magic. Let us say that again: this magic book will make you question everything you think about magic. We’re not saying you’ll agree with everything in this book—something would be wrong if you agreed with everything in ANY book of this size. But Darwin asks all the right questions and invokes these questions in you, the reader.

This is without question the most substantial book on magic theory of our time. Some critics (and now the former publisher) question the book’s validity, but this is all petty nonsense. ANYONE who reads this book must be in awe of its depth and insight into so many facets of magic performance. It’s systematic and scientific at times, but practical examples from pop culture and close-up magic are sprinkled throughout. It’s accessible and written with just the right tone. Darwin Ortiz is a gifted writer and he’s in top form here.  

This book is for the serious student, and it’s destined to become a favorite you’ll return to again and again. If you think you’re ready, take the next step and dive into Strong Magic.

"The book is readable, it's extremely clear, it's clear, it's thrilling in its intellectual adventure. And it's also, clearly, enormously practical. It makes you think. It enriches you as an artist (and therefore as a human being.)" Juan Tamariz
"A wonderful, wonderful book filled with practical advice. It should be every serious close-up worker's next purchase." - David Williamson
"A thought-provoking analysis of the performance of close-up magic. Just reading it was motivating. I incorporated some of Darwin's suggestions in to my presentations the same day I read them. Highly recommended to the serious student of close-up magic." Paul Gertner

Here’s more information:

Why is it that some magicians get great audience reaction while others who are just as skillful leave audiences so cold? The answers are in Strong Magic, the first ever book on showmanship specifically for the close-up magician.

As a successful professional magician for almost twenty rears, Darwin Ortiz has appeared before thousands of audiences of all kinds. During that time he has studied what it takes to really move an audience. In Strong Magic, he presents the results of those years of study and experience in a way that every magician can benefit from.

Do you want applause, gasps, and praise? Do you want your performances to be talked about and remembered? Strong Magic tells you how. You already own countless books on card and coin manipulation. Here is a book on something far more important: audience manipulation. Not a dry, boring treatise, it's funny, fascination, exciting reading. Not a book of vague theory, it's loaded with countless examples and concrete techniques that you can put to use right away to give your magic more impact. These are the real secrets of close-up magic--and they are all in Strong Magic.


Customer reviews for Strong Magic



Not sure what else to add to what’s already been said. This is a fantastic book that belongs on any serious magician’s bookshelf.

It’s a big book, but written in a breezy style that makes it a joy to read.

I believe this should sit alongside Derren’s Absolute Magic as an essential read on making your magic hit harder - on a related note, pretty please can Vanishing Inc. persuade Mr Brown that we need both Absolute Magic and Pure Effect to be re-released? Those second hand prices are getting scary!



This is the best single book on how to strengthen the impact of any magic you perform. Although I am an amateur magician who performs for friends and at church dinners, I have been told that my programs of close-up magic are better than those of most professionals. Much of the credit for that goes to Mr. Ortiz, this book and his videos. I strongly recommend you buy this book before it is no longer available.



Almost too good!

When reading this book I was constantly learning and applying the lessons in this book in regards to my current material.

I had to take breaks in between chapters because each one offered so much wisdom.

It’s a little dense, and at times very hard to read about some of the routines described (but perhaps that’s just because I’m not a card guy) but the lessons themselves are very easy to understand.

This will forever change the way you set your audiences expectations and I promise you’ll see a massive improvement in your magic.

VI Monthly


This book is worth it's weight in gold. I use it frequently on figuring out why new routines aren't getting the response I want. And it's right way more often than not.

This is one of 3 books I've ever read where I sent the author a thank-you note. That's how much I like this book...and the companion book DESIGNING MIRACLES. Very good stuff.



Strong Magic is a wonderfully written book. Darwin Ortiz's voice is articulate, intelligent and entertaining throughout each chapter. The book is also beautifully produced as a hardback with a lovely dust jacket. I enjoyed reading a book on magic that isn't about learning new sleights or memorizing long routines. (Although those certainly have their place.) This is an important book for anyone who creates their own magic.



This is a great book for a newbie or part time hobbyist (or full time hobbyist!) magician. These are insights, well written, cogent, clear, relevant (any more positive adjectives?). I'm a librarian and a long time book reviewer. I've often requested books to review that aren't in my wheelhouse in order to learn something new. This is one of those books. You WILL learn something new from Mr. Ortiz' work. For me, it's a two pronged positive. First, it gives great insight for observing other magicians. Second, it gives insight into your own work in magic no matter what the level. I purchased this book based on a recommendation from an interview of Ekaterina in a competing magic vending site's magazine (Ok, Penguin Monthly). Penguin was out of this book pretty quickly. I snagged this from Vanishing ASAP. Don't waffle on getting this book. Get it. Great book.


Robert J

I have read the other reviews and would like to add my complete 1,000 percent accolades for this book. I already feel it has helped me become a far better performng magician. It has theory but more importantly Mr. Ortiz gives practical and useful information. I have already vastly improved my McDonald's Aces and Card Warp. The best part of the book is that Mr. ortiz takes various concepts and shows you how they relate/work with different routines. A good example would be David Roth's Portable Hole. The 370 pages are a delight to read. I've only read 104 pages but the insights are incredible. I am taking notes as I read. I've read Our Magic, Fitzee Magic and Showmanship and Henning Nelms Showmanship for Magicians and while they're good, Strong Magic has them all beat. Buy and read this book. It will help you become a better performer!



I can't say enough good things about this book.

To go from trickster to magician, Strong Magic and Designing Miracles are absolute gold mines. My style is very different from M. Ortiz's but his knowledge is universal and can improve any magic, coin, cards, ropes, illusions...

Moreover, the edition is beautiful, I feel like I'm reading a grimoire of ancient secrets. I definitely am in awe.
There is one thing I would ask if I could, it's that a recording of this book would be made in the same manner as it was for Designing Miracles.



After many years performing magic, I recently purchased this from Vanishing Inc and am so happy I did! I rarely write reviews, this one deserves it. This is not a book of tricks/effects - it's all about "theory" to help you view every detail of performance from the perspective of the audience. Doing so will help make your effect stronger and truly magical. Some of Darwin's ideas and recommendations are not intuitive, but when he explains his position, his well reasoned arguments make complete sense. His illustrative examples come from the classroom, theater, film, music, and beyond. Strong magic is for anyone interested in creating the experience of the impossible - highly recommended for anyone ready to be challenged from the amateur to the seasoned professional. I marked my copy up with post its and notes -- I'll be coming back to Strong Magic for years to come. This book is now in my Top 10 of all time!



So much insight for anyone at any level. Even as a hobbyist that only performs for family, I took a lot of from Strong Magic. It will be a book that I will return to often for inspiration and guidance.



I perform magic in Japan and have done this for ten years. Beside, I am also a writer, novelist and philosophy teacher. Why should I tell you all this? Just to let you know that this is the best book about performing magic and magic in general I have red so far, and one of the best books about artistry, full stop. Mr Ortiz provides breathtaking insights into the Art, and his intelligence and knowledge are ...mind blowing. Such finesse, careful analysis, and it doesn't fail to show me me how much better my magic act could be. It is a pleasure to feel a fool in your company, Mr Ortiz. Thank you so much.



This Book will make you a better magician period, not because I agree with everything Darwin Ortiz says, but due to the fact that this book will make you think, it will make you think about you magic, it will make you as question, hard question!
Why did I choose this effect? Why did I choose this method or this presentation?
What can I do about hecklers, and of course, much, much more? in these 379 pages of pure delight ,that is fun to read and is adjusted to our modern time, no more examples of hypity hoppity rabbits , but modern strong tricks that get you where it hurt, Ortiz gives as examples a few bad tricks in order to tell you what not to do.
There is not much more I can say about this book, but go out and buy it, you will not be disappointed!



Paul Joel Bernard

I'm affaid I don't need to review this... BUY IT!

Really, it's very good, lots of practicle tips and examples to bring the quality of your close up magic 10 levels!

Like somone said on the back, 'I'd rather learn how to make an effect ten times better, than then learn ten new effects.'

Do yourself a favor luv, and buy it.



This is a very important magic theory book. Mr. Ortiz is clearly an organized thinker and has put a lot of time and energy into this tome. I think it should be a requirement to read Jamy Ian Swiss’ review of the book in conjunction with the book itself. If you don’t disagree with numerous points in this book, you aren’t thinking critically about the concepts and ideas presented.


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