Scripting Magic - Volume 1

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Scripting Magic - Volume 1

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Book by Pete McCabe ($50.00)

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Scripting Magic - Volume 1 - magic
Scripting Magic - Volume 1 Scripting Magic - Volume 1 Scripting Magic - Volume 1 Scripting Magic - Volume 1 Scripting Magic - Volume 1 Scripting Magic - Volume 1

When Scripting Magic was first released in 2007, it was an immediate, surprise sensation. Magicians around the world, hungry for ways to improve their magic, were thrilled to have a volume dedicated to the vital question: what you say when you perform? Written by Pete McCabe and including contributions from 26 of magic’s best thinkers and most experienced performers, Scripting Magic zipped through three printings and has been unavailable for years.

Vanishing Inc. Magic is proud to publish the definitive edition of Scripting Magic. This new version, expanded with illustrations, contains fantastic magic from luminaries like John Lovick, Jon Armstrong, Max Maven, and David Regal, and covers the process for creating memorable presentations. You'll learn how to write, edit, and perform compelling magic in this one-of-a-kind exploration into the presentation of magic.

  • 462 Pages 
  • 43 Scripts
  • 30 Tricks
  • Fully illustrated

Contributors: Michael Ammar, Jon Armstrong, Bruce Barnett, Rafael Benatar, Eugene Burger, Michael Close, Bob Farmer, Paul Green, Eric Henning, Guy Hollingworth, Larry Jennings, Mark Joerger, Kenton Knepper, Jonathan Levit, John Lovick, Max Maven, Eric Mead, Séan O’Néill, Gary Ouellet, David Regal, Jim Steinmeyer, Vic Sussman, Jamy Ian Swiss, Teller, Joe M. Turner, and Larry White.

472 pages in a beautiful illustrated hardback, with elastic ribbon


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  • Mickael asks: Hi, I would like to know if i can find this book in French. Thanks

    • 1. Tony answers: I'm afraid we do not have the French version
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  • Santiago asks: I would love to purchase these books in digital format. Are these two books available for purchase as eBooks?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately not, they are only available as physical books.
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Customer reviews for Scripting Magic - Volume 1



This is a must read for those of you who aren't already writing out your scripts and even then, it has some excellent tips and reminders for those of you who do.

I purchased both volumes 1 & 2. Each has over 400 pages of material which has been very well thought out.

I have been headlining my own show here in Las Vegas for over 7 years. I improvise heavily in my show and anybody that sees my act would swear I don't work off a script. The only way I am able to improvise so much is because I have a script to fall back on, which this book also addresses. You cannot improvise every moment of every show and there are those shows where the audience isn't their best, what then? The script must take over. This book is an excellent tool to help you properly get on track with your script and shows numerous examples with contributions by some of the greats such as Michael Ammar, Eugene Burger, David Regal, Michael Close and the list goes on.

Pete McCabe knows this topic very well and it was designed by Andi Gladwin. I hadn’t realize the input for John Lovick until after I purchase the book and I would read anything that has John’s name on it.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. If we were going by just the appearance of the book alone and the illustrations it would get a 5 star rating, but my recommendation is not based on aesthetics.



Wow, wow, wow. This made me change my thinking about scripting magic. I cannot recommend this enough. This will make you a better magician just by reading it, but if you put the effort on following the recommendations made by Pete, you will become much much better. Any of the volumes of Scripting Magic is worth the money, but it’s better if you have both of them. If you have the original Scripting Magic, let me tell you that this has some updates and they added illustrations.

Can I review it with 50 stars instead of 5?



I love this book. It might be the most entertaing and interesting magic book I've read. They way this book is structured and put together makes so entertaining to read.



Wow! Fantastic. Just flipping through this book at random may make you a better magician. Okay, all production needs work but this is a fantastic roadmap. Highly recommended regardless of skill level.



I also have both volumes and they have been a tremendous resource. It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned pro or just starting out, there will definitely be information here that will help you to improve the impact that of your performances. Anyone serious about their presentations and our art really should invest the time to read and put into practice the ideas in Pete's books. Pete's approach is both in depth and spot on. By reading both books you get a very intense and comprehensive approach to taking your performances to the next level and beyond. A couple of great companion books would be Maximum Entertainment by Ken Weber and Show doctor by Jeff McBride

Scripting Magic - Volume 1 by Pete McCabe