The Books of Wonder 1 & 2

Book by Tommy Wonder
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The Books of Wonder 1 & 2

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Book by Tommy Wonder ($90.00)

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The Books of Wonder 1 & 2 - magic

Never has there been a more articulate manifesto declaring magic a true art. And never has one man offered a more detailed and coherent plan for achieving art by the practice of magic. This set contains both Books of Wonder - a treasure trove of amazing magic and theory.

Through a series of tricks, routines and essays, Tommy Wonder provides a clear blueprint for an uncompromising brand of magical theater. Along the way he explains his professional routines for Close-up. Stand-up, Walk-around and Stage.

Among them are...The Updated Two Cup Routine; Watch in Nest of Boxes, 3 methods; Wild Card Tamed; The Watch, the Ring & the Wallet; The Well-tempered Birdcage; and 50 other card tricks, routines and sleights.

The Books of Wonder is a set of two luxuriously produced, matched volumes, each containing approximately 340 pages of extraordinary material with 630 professional illustrations by Kelly Lyles.


Customer reviews for The Books of Wonder 1 & 2



Want to get serious? MUST BUY this set. Money well spent; take value in the theories presented, take the tricks explained as bonus gifts. The tricks will take time to construct compared to normal; he goes the extra mile to ensure his material is mind blowing. After reading, I have a whole new appreciation to magic done well and transformed to an art form. Wonder is no longer with us, but these books ensure his magic legacy lives on.



You would be silly not to get The Book Of Wonders. Tommy wonder was a legend in magic and the fact that his incredible magic is available for us is all o perform is amazing!



The Lord of any books the best teach-in in books of of Tommy work ! The miracles you discovery will open your magic mind and think more about. The great star of magicians the effects are easy to under stand.. You got keys to good things in the books used them well!



I am pleased to say I bought my copies when they were first published and all I can say is, highly recommended, just buy them, so much wonderful magic.
David Hand, Treasurer Hull Magicians Circle.



Have had my set for several,years..Read and reread them..His is the type of energy necessary to magic....these books should be in every magic library



S.A.M. 80, the Jongleur's Assembly, made the two volume The Books of Wonder a three year commitment forming a dedicated monthly study group. They worked chapter by chapter learning and performing all the effects, save for a couple with difficult apparatus. They particularly enjoyed the classic Ring, Watch and Wallet and the Two Cup Routine. Members commented they otherwise probably would have used the books for an occasional reference. Instead each member has a selection of self-made apparatus and routined experience.

Bill Ragsdale, Assembly President



Honestly, these were two of my favorite magic books I've ever read. The effects are all astonishing and beautifully structured. However the most valuable part of these books, in my opinion, is how deeply they dive into theory. They carefully deconstruct the nature and components of misdirection (which should really be referred to as direction), as well as everything else that goes into making magic truly magical.



Some of the best books ever released in magic, period. Beautiful effects, ideas and theory all in two volumes by one of magic’s all-time greats, my only regret was not buying it sooner. This is essential reading for all magicians, even if you don’t do any of the effects, the value is in the construction and incredible thinking behind the routines, once you finish it you will realise what real magic is and how you might be able to get there.



Tommy wonders books are a must have for any magician from the amateur to the pro.



These books are fantastic. If you have ever seen Tommy Wonder perform you will know how great he is; these books provide some incredible insights into his creative and decision making process. Tommy gives some insightful, thoughtful and considered essays (for me, more interesting than knowing the method), challenging magicians in many aspects of effect developmen, performance and the craft. I do not feel you can read these books and not be both challenged and inspired. They are worth every penny. I personally like the art work and the quality of the finish. These are books you will return to reading as the content is so interesting to any student of magic.



Tommy Wonder's books are amazing and I have only started on the first of the 2 volume sat. I got back into magic when I retired in 2019 after about a 30 year break. I wish someone would have told me to just buy these 2 books and study them. Tommy Wonder was an amazing magician who not only performed only his own creations but also built any props he needed. It was important to him that he could repair any prop he used. The first chapter on misdirection is worth the price of the books alone. Tommy does a great job of explaining why misdirection can fail a magician but his preferred term "DIRECTION" is a much better way to go. If you want to elevate your magic from doing tricks to creating magical moments I highly recommend these 2 books. But be warned, these books are not just full of tricks and magic routines. There are quite a few of those, but there are a lot of very thoughtful magic essays from Tommy Wonder that will help anyone become a better magician. I especially liked his "Threading the Needle" effect. I have made the props needed and am working on getting it down to perform it. I highly recommend Tommy Wonder's Books of Wonder!



Possibly the best magic books I've ever read. While the detailed descriptions of the tricks are valuable, it's the author's wisdom that makes the writing so valuable. There are so many insights. I'll return to these volumes again and again, and I am applying already applying what I have learned outside magic to make me a better teacher. Outstanding,



I have had these books for a couple of months and have worked through both of them. I am so glad I own this piece of magic history. These books are simply glorious in their content and magical effects. Some of the routines require a bit of handywork but nothing impossible. Some of the props are also available online, and I believe from Vanishing Inc. You will have to spend some on mastering these effects as they take quite a bit of showmanship and skill (practice time) to pull off. I will say it again. I am so happy to own these wonderful creations.


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  • Craig asks: How much of the content relies on gimmicks? I get the sense that it's quite a lot.

    • 1. Jim answers: Somewhere around half. FYI—This is worth you time, if you care about magic and art.
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  • Steven asks: What level is this book geared for?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Many levels. There is a lot in these books, including some of the best theory articles written about magic.
  • Caleb asks: How much of these books is card magic?

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