If An Octopus Could Palm (10 Year Anniversary Edition)

Book by Dan and Dave Buck
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If An Octopus Could Palm (10 Year Anniversary Edition)

65.00 usd

Book by Dan and Dave Buck (65.00)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.

To celebrate the ten-year anniversary of their beloved debut book, Dan and Dave Buck have released a special new limited print of If an Octopus Could Palm.

Packed with more than a dozen innovative and conceptual palming techniques, this iconic book was written to help card magicians approach palming or “holding out” in new and creative ways. Since the initial print run sold out, it has been highly coveted by card magicians, fetching outrageous prices on the secondary market.

Now, for a limited time, you have a chance to own the special If an Octopus Could Palm (10 Year Anniversary Edition). This stunning softcover book features a foil-stamped title, vibrant color accents, all-new cover art from Jonathan Burton and a foreword by Tony Chang.

Across its 90 pages, you’ll find more than 100 hand-drawn illustrations explaining, in precise detail, card sleights such as a method for replacing a bottom-palmed card on the top of the deck or a sneaky switch that allows you to load a palmed card beneath the top card of a deck in the action of turning it over. Other highlights include a Miller Cascade Control variation that allows you to palm a card, a streamlined approach for executing the Diagonal Palm Shift and so much more.

Don’t wait any longer to grab this book. Everything The Buck Twins release sells fast. The Deluxe Version has already sold out and the Standard Version isn’t far behind.

NOTE: This the standard version featuring the book only. You will NOT receive the linen slipcase or the custom deck of cards found in the Deluxe Version. The book features unusual "exposed binding" to help it lay flat. The unglued spine is by design.


Customer reviews for If An Octopus Could Palm (10 Year Anniversary Edition)



I think if you're looking at this book you already know that the content is amazing, which it is. This is a very nice remake of the classic and the quality is excellent. It's large and easy to read and is an invaluable addition to your collection. But just to touch on the contents of you are not familiar, it is incredible! I works recommend this book to anyone that has the slightest interest in the history of palmistry and wants incredible instruction. Just buy this book!



Pleasantly surprised by the quality of the book. I usually don’t like softcover books.



Excellent redesigned book! In my opinion the cover and the format is way better than the original, yet the content is exactly the same (apart from Tony Chang's foreword). I really like that the pages can lay flat so you can hold the deck of cards in your hands meanwhile you're reading it.


Community questions about If An Octopus Could Palm (10 Year Anniversary Edition)

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  • Roberto asks: There will be a Deluxe version? There seems to be none available for pre-order currently. (BTW super pumped for this. I missed buying the original when it came out).

    • 1. Nathan answers: The deluxe edition sold out via D&D's store within about a minute. There were only 500 copies.
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  • Doug asks: Does the 10th Anniversary Edition contains any new or revised material that wasn't in the original edition?

    • 1. Jim answers: No, but it has new cover art and a foreword from Tony Chang.
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  • Kimberly asks: Do the arms on the book come attached or do we have to attach them ourselves? db

    • 1. Jim answers: That would be 100% a DIY project. :)
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  • James asks: How does an Octopus keep the cards dry ??

    • 1. Jim answers: A waterproof tuck case, of course.
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  • James asks: Are there hardbound versions of the book?

    • 1. Jim answers: The 10 Year Anniversary Edition is softcover.
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  • Chi Han asks: Just wanted to say, I wouldn't recommend putting the book flat as mentioned in the ad copy. Doing so can cause the entire cover to fall off. It appears to be attached (in the deluxe editions at least), with a very thin layer of very cheap glue. Even flicking through the pages causes it to crack off. Unless of course this is what is referred to as the unusual exposed binding?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Dan & Dave have confirmed that the open binding is on purpose, designed so that the book can open flat for study.
  • Wong asks: it is not ok. all the pages fall off from the cover. Very disappointed. I just opened and all the pages fall like a block of wood. how come! can you send me a new one? or it is normal?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The binding for this book is intentional and is called exposed binding, it allows the book to lay flat when open. It was done so that anyone reading the book could have a deck of cards in their hands and follow along without pages flipping back over on themselves, losing their place. The reason the cover wraps around the spine is so that the stitching is protected when on the shelf or being moved around (preventing if from snagging). If you think there is a problem with anything you have received from us, please contact magic@vanishingincmagic.com
  • Paul asks: I noticed the exposed binding. To some people it might seem broken but it’s actually very intuitive. Very glad I bought it and love the exposed binding design. Impressive and a little big magical :)

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Thanks! Glad to hear you like it!
  • oliver asks: Can I buy the cards seperately?

    • 1. oliver answers: excuse my terrible spelling btw
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