The Five Best Magic Books For Beginners

OK. This is going to be really subjective. There is a plethora of magic books for beginners so to try and say what the “best magic books for beginners” are is something that magicians could debate for years!

That being said, you found this page because you typed something like “what are the best magic books for beginners” into Google, and because you went to that effort, I will try and help you by answering your question with what I think the best magic books for beginners actually are. These magic books are in no particular order, they are all excellent and would all be good starting points on your journey to learn magic tricks.

These all are books that will give you a strong foundation in magic. There’s many books out there what will happily teach you a few simple card tricks. All the books selected here will give you a strong foundation in sleight of hand as well as teach you tricks and help you understand elements of the performance of magic that will elevate you as a performer above things like simple bar bets.

Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic - Mark Wilson

wilson This was first published in 1975 and features in just about every list of the best books for learning magic. It will teach you the card magic basics but oh so much more. It covers card magic, money magic, silk and handkerchief magic, mental magic, impromptu magic, sponge ball magic, billiard ball magic, stage illusions and the cups and balls. It really does give you everything you need to know to get started in magic and is as relevant today as it ever was.

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Magic: The Complete Course - Joshua Jay

Josh If you want a more up-to-date approach, then our own Joshua Jay wrote a book for the public which teaches over 100 amazing, yet still easy to learn magic tricks. It’s not just a collection of tricks. It teaches you how to perform each trick too by going over the presentation and script, as well as the method. It is the perfect introduction to magic from the Cofounder of this very company.

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The Amateur Magician's Handbook - Henry Hay

Hay This is what really got me started in magic properly. I had it almost constantly on loan from my local library! It’s taught generations of magicians and has been recommended by legends like Copperfield and Williamson. It stands out not only through the breadth of material covered, but also because it explains how your audience thinks, how you should think to elevate a trick from being a mere puzzle into an entertaining piece of magic. Additionally, Hay writes about how to make money from magic. Something none of the other books really touch on.

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The Magic Book - Harry Lorayne

harry Widely recognized as one of the best magic writers, Harry Lorayne has written many books on magic and memory techniques. This is the book he’s written (as he would say) just for you. Someone wanting to learn magic. With his relaxed and engaging writing style, he will guide a beginner through the basics of performance and method - something he has mastered over decades of performance experience. He will empower you to entertain (and fool) your family, friends or co-workers with card magic, coin tricks, and more. One great thing about this book is there are no expensive magic props or gimmicks to buy. Every trick in the book is performed with items most people will have around their homes: playing cards, coins, rubber bands and one even uses a potato!

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Magic For Dummies - David Pogue

dummies This is part of the famous “Dummies” series of books. Pogue is an excellent writer as well as an accomplished magician and he takes you through a huge variety of tricks in this excellent beginners’ magic book. You’ll learn how to turn a restaurant into a performance space with tricks that use mugs, food and utensils. You’ll be taught all the basics of card magic which will cover the fundamentals so you can then create your own! You’ll learn routines great for larger groups too, so you can be the life and soul of the party. Importantly Pogue also gives you 10 ways to get out of trouble when a tricks goes wrong. And they will go wrong. You’re just learning. So knowing how to get out of a mess up is a brilliant idea to cover in this great book for novices.

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