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Magic Mail

Trick by Joshua Jay
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Magic Mail

25.00 usd

Trick by Joshua Jay ($25.00)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Monday morning
Magic Mail - magic
Magic Mail Magic Mail Magic Mail Magic Mail Magic Mail Magic Mail Magic Mail Magic Mail Magic Mail Magic Mail Magic Mail

Magic Mail is the perfect gift for a young person in your life, whether or not they have any experience in magic. Written by Vanishing Inc. Cofounder Joshua Jay, this stunning children's book brings together Joshua's love for magic and travel.

The book itself is a "magic" mailbox that lives on the child's nightstand. Every night before bed a letter "appears" inside the mailbox teaching the reader about a fascinating place around the world (thirty letters are included in total). The letters contain cultural information, geography lessons, and of course, a little magic. Magic Mail includes a giant fold-out map so that the reader can tick off the places they've "visited" through this magic mailbox.

Joshua Jay continues to astound with the breadth of his creative energies. This book, published by a mainstream publisher, is just $20 and it includes the gorgeous mailbox and THIRTY letters from around the world. Each one contains beautiful artwork on die-cut postcards, and many include other tipped-in ephemera.

Whether you collect magic, have a young person in your life who would enjoy the project, or simply collect and support Joshua Jay items, Magic Mail is a first of its kind book experience that exudes the quality and care Joshua uses in everything he approaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age group is Magic Mail suitable for?
It's perfect for anyone age 8+ but the truth is, it is ideal for anyone who loves travel, gorgeous artwork, and learning about different cultures.

How many days does it run for?
You receive 31 letters. This means Magic Mail will last for an entire month.

Who is Joshua Jay?
Josh is one of the most decorated magicians in the world and has released numerous books teaching magic for the general public. He spends his time performing magic around the world.

Is the mailbox really magic?
Yes! Just like the tooth fairy leaves a coin or the Elf moves around the shelf, these letters will magically appear in the mailbox for your child.

Play video interview Joshua Jay creator interview
Watch our exclusive Vanishing Inc. interview to discuss Magic Mail right from the source!

Community questions about Magic Mail

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  • Bruce asks: Joshua Jay for President! Whaddaya say!!!

    • 1. Mason answers: I agree!
    • 2. Steve answers: I don't think anyone would want the headache at this point.
    • 3. Saige answers: YEESSSS!!!!
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  • John asks: Could I make new cards to follow the thirty one supplied, to make this experience continue?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Absolutely.
  • Scott asks: Based upon the response you enjoy, would you consider making additional 30-day modules available?

    • 1. Joshua answers: I’d like to see Postcards from the Past, from famous historical figures from around the globe. Maybe even Science postcards...
    • 2. Rick answers: I agree. My 6 year old grandson loved this. I know he would love to be able to continue it. So more 30 day ‘modules’ would be great.
    • 3. Rick answers: I agree. My 6 year old grandson loved this. I know he would love to be able to continue it. So more 30 day ‘modules’ would be great.
    • 4. Rick answers: I agree. My 6 year old grandson loved this. I know he would love to be able to continue it. So more 30 day ‘modules’ would be great.
    • 5. Rick answers: I agree. My 6 year old grandson loved this. I know he would love to be able to continue it. So more 30 day ‘modules’ would be great.
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  • Gordon asks: Could this be any cooler and more charming? High-five, Josh!

    • 1. Brian answers: Totally agree. It may be a lot more challenging in the years ahead to visit some of these places. What a cool way to share the world...and be together. Love it, Josh.
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  • Kenneth asks: What a fun idea. The world being what it is now, what is the possibility of being able to ship to multiple kids, if we wanted to send a few out to different families that would appreciate this? Is it best to just place individual, separate orders?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, for each one you want sent to a different location, place an order for that one. Kind thought!
  • THom asks: Without giving away how it works. Is it kid proof in regards to them treating it like a slot machine and just pumping out all 31 days at once?

    • 1. Brian answers: See note above...it's magic like the tooth fairy. Think of it like Santa putting gifts in the stocking...it's a magic experience...not an illusion.
    • 2. Greg answers: It’s not a magic trick, it a mailbox of discovery for your child. I was confused on that as well.
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  • Molim asks: I am sorry if it´s just me, but I did not really understand what this Mail box does. It stands on the kids table and is empty the whole day, even than when the kid looks inside. And suddently, a mail appears inside and the kid has no idea where it came from? Thanks for the clearification.

    • 1. Brian answers: I don't think it will just appear while your child is sitting there...see "Is the mailbox really magic?" above.
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  • Jean-Baptiste asks: Hello, I would like to know, if the boy see the box empty, and when he close than open the mail box , does the mail appears ? Thank you Take care Jean

    • 1. Brian answers: See the note above...Is the mailbox really magic?
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  • Jean-Baptiste asks: Hello, I would like to know, if the boy see the box empty, and when he close than open the mail box , does the mail appears ? Thank you Take care Jean

    • 1. Brian answers: See note above...Is the mailbox really magic?
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  • Wade asks: Will you drop ship to other locations? I have grandchildren I'd like to buy for, but they live in other states.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Of course! We ship globally.
  • Thomas asks: Would you consider translating the magic mailbox to other languages?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We'd love to in the future.
  • Paul asks: Very impressed! I’ve ordered already but just wanted to know whether it has to be used at bedtime or can it be instead when a child gets home from school?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It can be used any time of day you like. :)
  • Leland asks: Does the adult need to do any advance preparation, or can the child open the package themselves when it arrives? Thanks!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The adult should open the box first. Shhhh.
    • 2. Lars answers: I think the confusion is because they answered "Yes" to the question of whether the mailbox is really magic. That implies there is a secret to the box. I think to avoid confusion they need to plainly state that, as depicted in the video, a parent needs to load the box while the child is out of the room.
    • 3. tom answers: Jeez guys just answer the question. I would get in front of this question. This is a magic company, I would assume 99.9% of your readers are magicians. So if it requires a thumb tip to preform, it's ok so say thumb tip and not "TT". So please tell them, it's not a magic trick but it looks like it's worth $20.
    • 4. Carole answers: I think they pretty much answered the question saying it’s like the tooth fairy and or the elf on the shelf
    • 5. Frank answers: I can’t believe how many people don’t understand the concept.
  • Mary asks: I’m a teacher, and I bought this for my son. Have you thought about doing a school version of this where bulk quantities of the postcards can be bought?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Great idea.
  • Eddie asks: What age is this recommended for

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The age that loves bedtime stories and still has faith in the tooth fairy.
  • John asks: What age range is this ideally geared for?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: 8 - 12 years.
  • Steven asks: Are there any plans for an adult version? I imagine lonely elders would enjoy the cool little surprise if there was an automated version (based on the answers to prev Qs sounds like you may need a secret helper). Heck even if I knew the "secret" but not the content on the cards, I would find it cool since I'd have a new surprise to look forward to every day!

    • 1. James answers: Good idea! No plans that I know of!
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  • Joshua asks: Is this something that can be shared and enjoyed amongst multiple children together, or is it recommended to purchase one for each child?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Since the letters are written to one child, it would be best to have one for each.
  • Matthew asks: Does each postcard contain a magic trick? Also, can you sign the postcards so they're from e.g. a magic family member who finds themselves in different countries?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The postcards contain facts and information about the countries Josh is visiting. And the cards are signed by Josh.
  • John asks: I went to the website given on the 31st letter for the three tricks- however it is unviewable due to privacy settings?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Sorry to hear this! We'll have our team look into this.
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Customer reviews for Magic Mail



My daughter, the mother of my 2 year old grandson and a teacher freaked when I sent a text showing her what I ordered for PJ. She absolutely fell in love with the Magic Mail. What a terrific idea.
I ordered 2....she is having another in June.
Thanks Joshua.



I purchased this for my Great Nephew, it arrived this morning. It is really well packaged to avoid any damage.

This is so beautifully produced and well worth the money. It is packed full of colourful cards, letters and things to do.
I can’t wait to give it to him.

Just remember to open the package before giving it to the recipient. You will need to remove the contents and read the guardians letter.

Highly recommended



I am in love with this project. We are on day four, and I’m loving the conversations I am having with my son about each of the postcards. He wants to learn more about the topics mentioned in each card, and he is super proud of himself for solving the puzzles. He’s also interested in learning magic. Josh Jay is a new role model for him. Thanks to Josh Jay for this experience I’m sharing with him. My only complaint is he is trying to figure out if it is really magic or not, so he hides the mailbox in a new place each night to see if he still gets a card.



Hats off to Joshua Jay for this one. I bought it for my nephew. He has only received 1 mail so far but his jaw dropped when he realised it has appeared in his mailbox. He is now checking it constantly for more post and is beyond excited to receive another letter. What a beautiful and lovely idea. A true magical experience at an incredible price. I hope Vanishing Inc continue with this project and release expansions as I think this idea has legs. Bravo!



I sent one to my daughter for her 5yo daughter (my grand-daughter). She absolutely loves it! She wakes up every day like it's Christmas. Because of schedules, she doesn't get a card each day. When she goes to visit relatives, she takes her new card with her so she can show it. My daughter also puts letters that I send her in the magic mail box.

Josh, I hope you capitalize on the idea to create additional packs for the mail box.

Great Work!



The description led me to think that the mailbox has a secret to it, however, it is ordinary from a magician's point of view. From a child's point of view, however, it is quite magical! The absence of any "mechanical" illusion does not detract from the effect this has! The letters are well written, a lot of creativity has gone into this.



This is a great "book" and we have had a lot of fun with it. Well made and thought out. I do have a suggestion for the next run that are made though. The back of the mail box has pictures and lists of all the contents that come in the box. After my kid saw and read that, he quickly figured out what was really going on and called me on it. I had to come clean and admit what was going on. That took the magic out of the rest of the letters. I would suggest printing that stuff on a separate card so it does not stay on the mailbox after the plastic is removed. Other than THAT it's pretty cool!



My daughter loved this. She’s probably a bit young for it a 4 so I was reading to her rather than her reading it. She was really excited about her magic mail arriving and finding out where Joshua the Magician had visited. Lots of great art work on the postcards and interesting facts for little people. Highly recommended



Excellent purchase. Got it for my 2nd grader as a "starting school" gift. She "knows" I put the cards in there but the little bit of mystery is great. She knows JJ from the Big Magic book already, too, so she thinks its cool they're "communicating". Nice touch that his signature is there - my daughter's name is "Judy" so I make the J the same way and she thinks he might actually be sending them. Sometimes I add "extras" to the box too (like Chocolate for Mexico). For $20, a great way to get kids looking at maps and learning about different places. Nice job, Joshua.



What a brilliant idea! I bought this for my 6 year-old niece because it's exactly the kind of thing I would have adored as a child. She's obsessed with it! She can't wait for the next round of post to magically arrive from her good friend, Joshua Jay. Each entry is educational and inspiring, vicariously taking youngsters on an imaginative journey around the world. It's a pity there isn't a follow-up edition or expansion pack - it's gone down so well, she'll be sad when the journey ends.

Magic Mail by Joshua Jay