Hocus Pocus

By Richard Wiseman, Jordan Collver and Rik Worth
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Hocus Pocus by Vanishing Inc.

Professor Richard Wiseman welcomes you into a totally new world unlike anything else the magic community has ever seen with Hocus Pocus.

This page-turning collection of five magic-themed comics interweaves incredible tales with amazing interactive magic tricks and stunning artwork that will keep your eyes glued to the page. And to create this perfect collection, Richard teamed up with a group of award-winning comic artists to bring this vision to life.

The result is a breathtaking, hardback collection of fifteen amazing, magical tales about the curious history and psychology of stage magic and the paranormal published right here at Vanishing Inc. Nominated for the prestigious Eisner award, this is one of the most original and captivating adventures through the history of our art ever published.

Each story explores a topic featuring strange-but-true tales of scientific discovery and exploration of the unknown, hosted by a cavalcade of real life charlatans, sorcerers and skeptics from history. You’ll delve deeply into the world of levitation, prophecy, mind reading, seance, and ghosts …

Discover how Nostradamus became the crown prince of prophecy, the story of the dreaded Borley Rectory, the most haunted house in England, and even how Alexander “The Man Who Knows” … actually knew.

With Hocus Pocus, you don’t just read the story, you become part of it. Along the way, you’ll uncover special mind-bending interactive elements and hidden secrets, including tests of your paranormal abilities, psychic readings and more. And you’ll almost certainly learn stories from magic’s history that you’ve never heard before.

This is the first time these amazing tales have been lovingly placed in one stunning hardbound collection and we’re delighted to let you know it’s available today.

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“Beautifully done, I adore it.”
— Reece Shearsmith (Inside No.9, The League of Gentlemen)
“The art work is brilliant… the writing both comedic and informative… Rarely can a comic be so well researched.”
— Ian Keable (magican and historian)
“Witty, compulsive and formally tricksy history of Parapsychology. I can see into you future, and it involves buying this.”
— Kieron Gillen (The Wicked + The Divine, Uncanny X-Men)
“From the very first page, Hocus Pocus is a truly mind blowing read… fascinating and often hilarious… utterly magical… one of the most inventive and gorgeous comics we have read this year.”
— Pipedream Comics
Richard Wiseman
Richard Wiseman - Creative Consultant
Professor Richard Wiseman’s books have sold over 3 million copies around the world. His viral videos have had over 500 million views. He’s a Member of the Inner Magic Circle, a psychologist, was a Director of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and is an all round lovely chap.
Rik Worth
Rik Worth - Writer
Rik Worth is a comics writer, journalist and author. His work has appeared in The Fortean Time, Huffington Post, The Independent and many more. As well as writing comics books about history, he has written a book about comics history called The Creators of Batman: Bob, Bill and The Dark Knight.
Jordan Collver
Jordan Collver - Artist
Jordan Collver is a freelance illustrator. He specializes in using visual storytelling, focussing on science, belief, and nature. His work has been featured in The London Natural History Museum, Slate, Skeptical Inquirer, Magic, Physics World, The Nib, and many comic anthologies. Despite sounding Canadian, he lives in Bristol in the UK.
Owen Watts
Owen Watts - Colorist
Owen cofounded Comic Creatives UK and is a freelance colorist and artist who has saved Jordan Collver from fear and deadlines on many different occasions. As is the law when you live in the West Country in the UK, he enjoys an occasional glass of cider

Customer reviews for Hocus Pocus



the best book I've bought, each page is a delight to read, interactive and really well designed, the customer service was really good as well, responding fast and efficiently. The delivery was incredibly fast as well, it was announced that I'd receive it in 10 days but received it only 3 days after ordering! I can't recommend it enough.



If you like comics or magic, you will love this! If you like both, you'll be amazed by this book. The graphics are very well made and as mentioned in other reviews, it contains quite a splash of humor every now and then. Furthermore it gives me a historical view on several topics within magic.

I definitely recommend the book if you're in to comics or the history of magic.




There are no words to to describe the uniqueness of this beautiful book.
Buy it! You’ll become grateful!

VI Monthly


Hocus Pocus is a fun, interactive and interesting way to delve into the History of Mentalism and Spiritism.



Hocus Pocus is an outstanding comic for me. I grew up with Dragon Ball and now I'm a huge dc fan but I have to say that each chapter is carefully put together and the topics have a great coherence. But what makes it really outstanding is the humor. The humor is witty and everywhere. There was no page I had no small or great laugh.



I am one of those guys with hundreds of magic books. But we all have a special shelf, with our favorite books. The really informative ones, classic ones, and then the pretty ones. This is one of those books that will end up on that shelf. It is a gorgeous fun book which you will want to keep in mint condition. You will warn whomever reads it, probably about 10 times, to be careful. It is actually informative, pretty and will eventually become a classic!



This was such a fun and informative book! Not only are the beautiful illustrations printed on thick pages, but there are full references and bibliography!
It is a nice added touch that all the cover art from the original comic books are featured as well.



As a magician and comic collector for more years than I wish to admit, I have to say that aside from the wonderful instructions, this is a truly unique book in both genres.
Highly recommend!



A wonderful collection of five comics, in a beautifully presented book. If, like me, you find parapsychology and the Victorian history surrounding it to be fascinating, you will find this book excellently presented and stunningly entrancing. If, like me, you've been a subscriber to The Skeptical Inquirer and grew up with Martin Gardner and James "The Amazing" Randi, you will delight in this. I have the first four issues on my Ipad, but the printed version is the way graphic novels should be read. I am glad that Vanishing Inc. brought this to the attention of the larger magic community.



Had I first encountered this book in, say, middle school, I might have found it as educational, inspirational, and indispensable as my hardback collections of Charles Addams cartoons, my Nelson Enterprises catalog, my Batman comics, my Famous Monsters of Filmland issues, and my stack of science-fiction novels. Indeed I still do. This introduction to the dark side of magic is arguably the most important book in my house.



I absolutely love this book, the art is gorgeous and the story both very insightful and funny.



I bought these as individual issues, but I still wanted to own the collected version as well. Truly a lot of fun to read and participate in (there are magic tricks throughout the book that can happen to you while you read). The artwork is wonderful and it's highly educational as well for the magic fan. I wish there were a few more issues in the set, but this collection is a must-own for me anyway.



This is the most entertaining magic book I've ever read. it's informative and fun. The only thing I will say is; don't buy it based upon the free disappearing elephant trick/pdf that's included. The resolution is low so even after scaling it up in photoshop the text is not readable when you print it. Cool gesture but the main attraction is the books which again is well worth it.



When Vanishinc Inc releases a book, you better hurry up and buy it!
I knew that there are Richard Wisemans comics out there, but they never appealed much to me. But when these comics were taken and put in a such a gorgeous hard cover book, with all the stylish illustrations, fun facts and some interactive elements, I was amongst the first to purchase it. Don't regret. It's a great addition to collection, perfect conversation starter for both magic and non- magical friends and it just looks appealing!



It's official. I have a new favorite magic book. I first learned about this comic in an article in the May 2020 issue of Genii where around 10 pages of the original comic were published in full color. I was happy to see that they gave full credit to Mark Horowitz for his assistance using his incredible collection of magic themed comics. Of course, if you know Mark, his most amazing production was his son, magician Lee Asher. You might not catch it, but there is an illustration of a police line-up in the first section and one of the suspects is none other than Mark and he is even reading a comic. If you are a subscriber to Genii, you can go back into the archives and read the article. At this point only the first chapter had been released and sold out. It has the look and feel of many of the popular graphic novels. (Don't forget that The Walking Dead" started as a graphic novel.)

The whole package is present by Professor Richard Wiseman. (no, not wise guy) Richard has a website you must check out his YOutube Channel called Quirkology which is very quirky coincidentally. This has some must see videos that really are both brilliant and hilarious. https://www.youtube.com/@Quirkology

I'm sure that most of you grew up with comic as part of your life. Over the years, they really have not gotten better. Just too much politics and too many super heros. I was even fortunate to have as a roommate Dr. Toon who wrote reviews of animation for Toon Magazine. And another buddy did the lettering for the Tick comic.

When I was a kid, I used to order some really cool stuff off the back of cereal boxes then haunt the mailbox every day waiting for it to arrive. It happened again with this book, I had fallen in love with it back in the original Genii article. I never realized that I would have to wait two and a half years to get my hands on the completed project.

Apparently five comics were released, each on a different aspect of the paranormal. This tome is a compilation of all the issues under one cover. Each subject gets its own full color chapter.

Here is a little of what to expect.

Mind Reading -
You are introduces to someone I was not familiar with. A famous mind reader named Washington Irving Bishop and shows his act (in comic form, of course). It also tells of his tragic end. (One that Edgar Allen Poe would have loved). You are given a brief write up on muscle reading and told to try an experiment that is described. You probably will give it a shot. The next name should be more familiar. J.B. Rhine, the esp investigator from Duke University. One of his associates was named Zener and created the Zenr deck which we have all used for tricks. He finishes with a small section of Alexander, the Man who Knows. Make sure to pay attention to the backgrounds in the panels where the boys Throw in some humor and thinks you would expect to see in something like this such as picturing two men talking at a urinal.

Seances -
There is a nice section on the Fox Sisters who created a stir back in the mid-1800's by having spirits answer questions. f course, it was all fake (read the book for the explanation) but a lot of people bought into the story until the secret was revealed in 1888. You may have heard of the Davenport Brothers who made a fortune with their spirit cabinet, which is still performed today, most notably by Penn and Teller. This section finishes with another new name but who seemed to be very important ad debunking spiritualist frauds, Rose Mackenberg. Houdini and Arthur Conan Doyle are also mentioned briefly. They started as great friends but that fell apart because Doyle was a true believer is spiritualism and his wife was a professional spiritualist. As we all know what Houdini did with that profession there were some hard feelings. The funny part of this was that Doyle refused to believe that Houdini's tricks were tricks. He insisted that they were real magic and that Houdini was lying when he said they wre just tricks.

Ghosts -
You get to visit Borley Rectory, the most haunted house in England.You will learn of a scientific explanation of strange noises in old houses, and, no, it isn't just old creaking boards. This is a principle I had never heard of but it was fascinating. And, of course, Pepper's Ghost made an appearance. What would the haunted mansion at Disney World would be without Pepper?

Prophecy -
You are taught a trick you have all seen. Think of a 2 digit number where both digits are odd and different from one another and draw a geometric object inside of another. Real basic stuff. You are walked through several simple tricks in your journey through the book. Of course Nostrademus is introduced and you learn the value of making predictions so vague that they can be twisted to mean pretty much anything you wish. (Make sure you check out the panel background in this section to see the four Beatles doing their Abbey road walk across the street.)You are shown a card trick featuring the Zodiac symbols and a big nod to Max Maven for the working of this one. The chapter ends with one of my favorite prognosticators, Paul the Psychic Octopus who would correctly predict the outcome of games.

Levitation -
Quite a few examples of levitation are mention. Madame Adelaide Hermann the Indain Rope Trick, Robert Houdin and John Nevil Maskelyne. Maskelyne's levitation was a huge success and everyone tried to buy the secret but he was not selling. But that sneaky Thurston hired Maskelyne's assistant, stole the trick and claimed it for his own. And one of the most amazing levitations of all time. David Copperfield's.

You are offered a few different covers that were onsidered and one will even double as A Ouija board. The Rose Mackenberg cover really brings back the old EC Comics such as "Tales from the Crypt". The art work in this section is wonderful.

And the book ends with a bonus comic section on the Davenport Seance.

This is a brilliant, beautiful book in the usual well produced style of Vanishing Inc. Usually when I review a book, I make notes as I go through it so I have something at the end to stir my memories. I tried to do it with this one but couldn't. Once I started reading, it was impossible to put down and reading through it a second time to write this up was just as much fun as the first time.

In case you haven't figured it out. This is extremely highly recommended. It is a must have but one word of warning. Don't just leave it out on the table. Your kids will steal this book and you may never see it again. Thank you Josh and Andi for allowing me to review this treasure.



As I’ve said before, books by themselves are magic.
This changes everything!
As a long time lover of magic and comics, this fills an enormous empty space in two categories/communities.
Just buy it! You won’t be disappointed.



Fell in love with Hocus Pocus when the issues came out singularly. The team behind it perfected it, the only thing that could top it was for them all to be put together - and hey presto as if by magic, they got put together. This hardback compendium is something else—it's beautiful, it's class, it's creative, and it is a worthy addition to any bookcase. I Fell in love with it all over again. Well done to all involved for this - Paul, Haunted Magazine



This book is beautiful, educational and very interactive. A must have for any fan of magic and graphic novels. I really enjoyed the free elephant in the box puzzle as well. Very pleased with the purchase!


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  • Warren asks: How many pages are in this book?

    • 1. Harapan answers: 179 pages
    • 2. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: 179 pages
    • 1. Harapan answers: 179 pages
  • Christopher asks: There's an interview with Richard Wiseman online, in which he mentions that the first issue of the comic came in two editions: one for laymen, and one for magicians, which included instructions for some extra interactive effects. Does the book include those instructions?

    • 1. Christopher answers: Well, since I have now purchased the book, I will answer my own question: yes, after purchase the instructions for those three extra effects are available in your downloads area.
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  • Philip asks: Is this basically a reprint of the 5 issues of Hocus Pocus magazine with some additional content?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is exactly that.
  • Alexander asks: This book doesn't have a sewn binding, correct?

    • 1. Adrian answers: It looks case bound. There are a number of thread bound signatures but they look glued to the headband
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  • Gene asks: What is the elephant in the box puzzle ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: A vanishing elephant printed puzzle we're giving away as an extra.
  • Robert asks: Are the Comics offensive and objectional for children?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There is nothing offensive in this book. It is purely for lovers of magic!
  • Manuel asks: Lo sacarán en Español?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is not available in Spanish at the moment
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