Magic by Richard Wiseman

Hocus Pocus Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Hocus Pocus
Book by Richard Wiseman, Jordan Collver and Rik Worth - $49.95

Professor Richard Wiseman welcomes you into a totally new world unlike anything else the magic community has ever seen with Hocus Pocus. This...

David Copperfield's History of Magic Book
David Copperfield's History of Magic
Book by Richard Wiseman, David Britland and David Copperfield - $35.00

A captivating and enlightening exploration of the history of magic, illusion and conjuring. Despite being one of most influential, if not THE most...

The Grid DVD
The Grid
DVD by Richard Wiseman - $35.00

One of the hits of the 2012 EMC convention: a magic square routine by Richard Wiseman using a deck of cards. In effect, a spectator...