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Trick by Steve Thompson
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Glance: Updated Edition

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Trick by Steve Thompson (From $39.99)

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Glance: Updated Edition - magic
Glance: Updated Edition Glance: Updated Edition Glance: Updated Edition Glance: Updated Edition Glance: Updated Edition

You present the current issues of two popular magazines and allow a spectator to examine all of them and choose one. You turn away and instruct her to open her magazine to any page and think of any word. "But let's find a good word," you say, "Make it a difficult word." She thinks of any word, on any page. It could be buried in an ad or a word from a picture caption. It's all fair game. Once she has a word in her mind, she closes the magazine and you turn around. You look her in the eyes and tell her what word she is thinking of.

"Glance" is the ingenious creation of Ireland's Steve Thompson. In collaboration with Vanishing Inc. and designed by Andi Gladwin, "Glance" brings you an entirely prepared contemporary news magazine. Wrap it with any current magazine cover and you will have one of the most potent weapons available to the performing mentalist: an ordinary object that allows you to do extraordinary things.

Already own the original version of Glance? Here's what's new:
  • New Magazine cover design. You can now have a stack of four magazines on your coffee table! 
  • Updated text. We listened to your suggestions and tweaked some of the text and adverts. 
  • Brand new video instructions with bonus tips and ideas.
  • Same "word bank" so there is nothing new for you to learn!

With the blessing of Ted Karmilovich (creator of Mother of All Book Tests), "Glance" allows you to perform one of the most impossible, memorable feats of mentalism with an object everyone has heard of and read before. And with Steve’s ingenious system, you don’t even need to fish for any information about the word before revealing it.

  • No glimpses. No preparation. No counting.
  • No short pages. No stooges. No peeks. No sleight-of-hand.
  • No cues. No guesses.
  • "Glance" is an achievement in both engineering and design. Take a cursory flip through the magazine page by page and you will be astounded by the craftsmanship of the wording and the precision of the layout.

Special offer: we think that Glance is even better when you give the audience two different magazines to look through. Therefore, we have varied the design, creating a second magazine. Buy one magazine for $40 or both for just $50.

"To be blunt, the price tag is WAY too low for a secret this strong!" Ken Weber
"The best and most natural looking magazine test I have ever seen." John Archer
Glance: magazine test


Customer reviews for Glance: Updated Edition



This is AMAZING. I had the priveledge of watching Josh do this at a convention in Texas a few months ago. It's SO clean. I inspected the magazine up close and it looks perfect. Just ordered!



I should preface this 'review' by acknowledging a few things.

First off, I rarely write reviews anymore.
Part of the reason is that most of what I come across these days doesn't remain in my possession for very long; invariably ending up in The Magic Café's 'recycling bin' - TRICKS FOR SALE section.
I don't publically harp on the many disappointments I've purchased, as I've merely come to accept that the vast majority of things I buy will either fail to meet my specific needs or, are more commonly just sadly awful.

But on the rare occasion that I do come across something of merit, enthusiasm motivates me to share my reaction - which is by no means anything more than one man's opinion (albeit, I hope it is perceived as a somewhat 'informed' opinion).

So, when I read of Vanishing Inc's release of Steve Thompson's revisiting of a U.F. Grant style routine with magazines, I was cautiously curious.
To put that cautious curiosity in context (I love unintentional alliteration), I have purchased and disposed of several recent efforts in this category, including N.K.'s Tru-Test and the late M.B.'s Market Update. I won't offer detailed comments on either of these, except to say that they came up well short of what they might have been.

I should also preface this bit of feedback by offering my credentials in the category of the BT (I'm keeping things as nondescript as possible as this is a searchable forum).
In developing the routine that I regularly perform I have studied as much of the published material on the subject as I have been able to acquire.
I own or have owned a multitude of marketed BTs, including my own multiple edition of Mother (including an original soft cover version and 2.0).
I have also written my own, as yet unpublished BT, which may or may not see the light of day.

So, while I would certainly not place my knowledge on the same shelf as our recently departed friend Dick Christian, who was without question, the most informed person on the subject, I would offer that I know something of what I speak of on the subject.

So, that brings us to Glance.
In a word, Glance is superb!

Here are the factors upon which I base this fairly bold comment.

1. It looks as it should (I bought the two-copy edition, which is absolutely worth the minor added cost). Whether or not you decide to use the provided covers, the important stuff (the content) should easily pass the scrutiny of the 'normal' performance environment. Suffice it to say, like all gaffed materials, you don't want to loan this out to someone looking for bathroom reading material (come to think of it, there are several reasons why that would be a very bad idea)! But I cannot overstate just how much attention to detail went into the design of each page. Sure, if you look long enough and with a critical enough eye, I'm sure you can find something to criticize, but upon 'ordinary' conditions, this looks really good (the same cannot be said of its previously mentioned predecessors).

2. An added feature to ascertain the needed information is beautifully nuanced and, should you choose to us it, fiendishly clever!

3. I'm still a tiny bit on the fence as to the number of, let's call them, "options," which is far fewer than Mother's nearly full range.
On the one hand, I believe the subterfuge could have been greater with 'more;' however, I get why this is what it is and see added benefits to the 'less-may-in-fact-be-more' approach.

4. Packs small, plays.....sorry, couldn't resist at least one cliche in this post. But in this case, it really is true.
I know that others do not share my passion for offering multiple books in their routine (and I respect differing opinions - most of the time ), but in my case, I carry 3 or 4 books to perform my routine.
I can now conceivably accomplish the same perception but with only a fraction of the space and weight!
On that note, I would love to see a 3 or 4 'item' option, particularly if they could be provided without the front cover.

5. The cost. Are you kidding me? This is THE STEAL OF THE YEAR!
The grain of salt to this entire post is that I have yet to perform with these (I hope to later this week - which is crazy fast for me), but I perceive this kind of thing like a tool; a carpenter doesn't have to hammer a nail to know if the hammer is good enough to consider having it replace the 'old faithful' in his tool box.
And on that note, you know what, these just might end up replacing my hammers!

Kudos to Steve and the crew at Vanishing - who also impressed me with their customer service.

I will end this with the statement that I paid full retail for these and do not have any personal relationship with either Steve nor anyone else at Vanishing Inc.
In fact we've never met before - and they seem really happy about that




I have been working with Glance for two weeks now and it will become a permanent part of my parlor act - it's that strong! Not only are the various methods extremely deceptive, but now that I have three copies with different magazine covers, there's no need for equivoque. The guest picks out a magazine, looks it over, chooses a random page and any word. I immediately discern a different word, name its exact location in relation to the thought of word, then reveal the mentally chosen word. It doesn't get any cleaner or more direct than that! When I travel, I can leave my heavy, hardbound gaffed books at home and know that I can toss Glance in my briefcase at a moment's notice and be ready perform a powerful 5-6 minute routine. Thank you! Mark Zust, The Perceptionist




I am LOVING Glance - really agree that this is the first and only magazine test that hits so many criteria with a bullseye.

Easy to use.

Multiple pump methods. You don't even need to touch the main chosen word.

Very well disguised pump. Easy to change covers (I suggest you use a "long reach" stapler with fresh staples I suggested rather than than trying to pull your hair out inserting old staples back in). Good word choice. Easy mnemonic to help remember F words. Well written articles in the magazines read normally and don't look suspicious on first GLANCE.

So much time and effort must have been put into these because they look so perfect. Reactions from spectators are the icing on the cake.

This is a HOME RUN Josh, Andi and Steve + Vanishing inc. I will be using this right away without a doubt. Nothing else even comes close.



Decided to put it in my minute cabaret act as an opener the same day it arrived. What a good decision, it set the standard for the evening.
I bought the 2 magazine version which I found was an added bonus. Although there is the recommendation of putting different covers on each magazine I didn't feel it necessary as I used the theme of the 2 titles in the opening patter.
The quality + the thought that has gone into this product makes it great value for money.
Mike Wall
This is going to stay in my act for a very long time



GREAT GREAT GREAT! Glance is so fantastic! It's crazy smart and well put together! The magazine looks and reads 100% legit. I did change the covers of my magazines but besides that, its perfect!



Test review



as I was saying, before being cut off mid I am not going to go over it all again...if my partly done review did go through, please ignore it as it was no where near done....and I don`t want to be associated with a partly done review which misses the whole point of what I was saying!
thank you.
J.W. Cunningham.
ps. frustratingly, this was the second time i have tried to leave a review for Glance.





good idea. But you have to work on it a little before you have to present it. The system was very complicated for me, I contacted Vanisching and they immediately (after sending it back) refunded



Fantastic book test. I am amazed by how good these magazines look. Works well for close up or walk around magic. This goes into my set straight. Thanks VI for reviving this wonderful magazine Book Test.



I'm extremely pleased with the thinking behind "Glance" and with the production quality of the magazines provided. While I imagine I'll be using these largely in an informal or pre-show setting, there are several ideas provided that I believe others will find useful. I'm particularly impressed with the no-writing approach that requires an extremely well-disguised method for gaining the chosen word; I haven't encountered this notion before. As pre-printed forcing materials go, this is certainly among the best I've seen, and I'm glad it's now available to me.



The best value for money 'book' test out there. Great to see so much effort has gone into making the design look utterly realistic. Although there's a suggestion of using your own magazine cover, these so beautifully resemble real, boring business magazines it's really not worth it. Only minor quibble, seemingly true of all book tests not based on genuine works, is that the writing doesn't match the quality of design. I wouldn't let anyone who reads a lot spend much time glancing at this as it's so obviously made up. Otherwise this is great. I'd love to see a few new titles in the series covering other magazine types: films, music, sport etc!



Excellent! Easy to use. Can keep the magazines on a living room coffee/end table, a desk, etc. for an "impromptu" book test using magazines. If one gets picked up, I like to start with, "You know I like magic but I've recently tried experimenting with mindreading. Can I try something with you and that magazine?" (I have 3 magazines.)



For $50 you're getting an incredible piece of mentalism. It really is a bargain and affordable to replace over time as the magazines wear out. Nothing overly complicated to memorize (and you don't have to if you really don't want to) this fits my needs perfectly.



This is amazing and so simple. I had been waiting to purchase this for a while and I was not disappointed. There are various ways to work the trick and the magazine is very high quality and reads just like a normal magazine, so no questions about its authenticity. The technique is well explained in the video and you can start to use it straight away.



I bought the two magazines and well worth it. The content of the magazines are excellent with the editorial very professional. Pretty simple to execute the tricks after some practice but the reaction from a spectator is amazing. So a great product at a very competitive price.



Glance is a brilliant device for remarkably simple but extremely impactful mind reading. It takes book tests to a far more natural level with magazines that look as real as Time and have multiples ways of discerning the chosen word, so you can perform it for a number of people without the method being discerned. Highly recommended.


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  • Han asks: Does Glance work in a similar way as Mother of All Books Test? Would it bring something new or different?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Glance uses two methods: one of them is based on Mother of All Book Tests and used with permission.
  • André asks: Can this effect be performed in other languages?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is only English.
  • RLee asks: What (English) magazine covers do you recommend?

    • 1. Clifton answers: I think this depends on for whom you perform the trick. Someone well-read who is familiar with how an issue of, say, the Economist, is formatted will know pretty quickly she's not reading the Economist. I think probably something like Newsweek, which everyone knows *is* a magazine but no one actually reads unless they are in a doctor's office or something.
    • 2. Clifton answers: That said, fewer and fewer people actually read print magazines, so sky's probably the limit for most people.
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