The Event, London mentalism convention

The Event is the UK's premiere gathering for mentalism. What started four years ago as a Mentalism "day" at The Session has, by popular demand, blossomed into its own event. Curated by Luke Jermay in conjunction with Vanishing Inc. Magic, The Event brings together seven of the world's finest mindreaders and mentalists for an elite, intimate weekend of shows, lectures, interviews, and more.

We recognised that magic conventions don't serve mentalists in the way we need. Sure, there's always a mentalists booked, but we believe that true improvement--real insight--can only be uncovered when a dedicated group of minds come together for a common interest. That's why Luke Jermay has invited some of his most esteemed colleagues, and prepared a schedule dedicated ENTIRELY to the craft and concerns of mentalism.

Sadly, due to the ongoing pandemic, The Event 2020 has been canceled. We hope to return in the future!

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