The Book of M Book
The Book of M
Book by RADEK HOFFMAN - 39.95

The Book of M is a decades worth of the best mentalism routines from Radek Hoffman. Radek spent the last 10 years of his career providing a fresh...

Third Eye Magic download (video)
Third Eye
Magic download (video) by RADEK HOFFMAN - 24.99

A intricate system for peeking information that will make you reconsider using a peek device ever again. "No electronics or gizmos here. Just...

B3 Envelopes Magic download (video)
B3 Envelopes
Magic download (video) by RADEK HOFFMAN - 19.95

A powerful, easy-to-do multi-phase mentalism routine that Radek Hoffman has been perfecting for years. This new way to read minds using a clever...

Itineris Trick
Trick by Luca Volpe, Alan Wong and RADEK HOFFMAN - 99.99

"Itineris" is an elegant and organic mentalism routine from Radek Hoffman where random decisions made by the participant will perfectly...