B3 Envelopes

Magic download (video) by RADEK HOFFMAN
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B3 Envelopes

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Magic download (video) by RADEK HOFFMAN (19.95)

A powerful, easy-to-do multi-phase mentalism routine that Radek Hoffman has been perfecting for years. This new way to read minds using a clever gimmick solves many of the problems plaguing the classic 3-prediction (or Mental Epic) plot.

This is an excellent approach to the classic 3-prediction plot. You can use it in stand-up shows, parlor shows or even virtual shows. This is great thinking!" Marc Paul

"B3 Envelopes" are an amazing new tool that allows you to easily perform a convincing, elegant, and deceptive demonstration of mind reading.

The gimmick is super easy to create and use. It takes just seconds to reset, making it super practical for working performers.

In this 1.5 hour downloads, you'll learn every single detail about the gimmick and how you can use it in a variety of different routines. Radek also shares his original ideas and concepts on how to push the process of mindreading to another level.

  • Easy to do and super powerful
  • Effective, elegant and organic
  • Customizable for a variety of different routines
  • Resets in seconds

Download now to unlock the secrets to "B3 Envelopes" today!

"The B3 Envelopes is a great approach to mental epic. Radek has applied an existing idea in a really clever way, which tidies up any visual discrepancies that other methods may have. Each divination or prediction is clearly sealed into their own individual, numbered envelopes and the effect is as clear as can be. This is something I enjoy using, and it currently forms part of one of my virtual shows." Nique Tan

"What I really like about this method is that everything looks consistent and elegant. Handling is clean and super fair. I can tell you this is genius!" Nikolas Mavresis

"Everything in routine flows so smoothly and all the moves are logical and natural. If your a Mentalist and only purchase one download in 2022 make sure it's this one it's incredible and has my highest recommendation excellent work Radek" Ian Maltby


Customer reviews for B3 Envelopes



Very clever gimmick! This probably works best with a slight amount of distance from the audience, but overall I think this method is very good. I have long thought about the triple prediction plot, and this is probable the cleanest solution I have seen. Each envelope is clearly shown to be the one it is supposed to be before the prediction is written, and when it is taken out.


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  • Scott asks: What are the many problems “plaguing” the Mental Epic?

    • 1. Doug answers: The biggest problem with mental epic (as it is usually done) is the necessary force on the last item. Often the routine goes: Think of any place in the world, think of any animal, pick a card. There are a number of really nice ways to make this more interesting, but the goal is to make the last choice as "free" as the first two. I don't have the B3 envelopes (yet) but can see that this offers a solution to that issue.
    • 2. Doug answers: Having now bought and watched the video (which is excellent), I was wrong about which problem(s) this solves. What you get is a very nice procedure for a mental epic like effect with envelopes (obviously). You place predictions into three envelopes clearly marked "I, II, III" into a glass, then show them in order and reveal that your predictions were correct. The method is clever and the instructions are first rate. The "problem" I indicated in my last post remains, but as I said, there are very clever ways to solve this issue as well. Recommended.
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  • pablo asks: el video viene en español o solo ingles ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: esta en ingles Espero que ayude.
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