Trick by Luca Volpe, Alan Wong and RADEK HOFFMAN
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Trick by Luca Volpe, Alan Wong and RADEK HOFFMAN (99.99)

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Itineris - magic
Itineris Itineris Itineris Itineris

"Itineris" is an elegant and organic mentalism routine from Radek Hoffman where random decisions made by the participant will perfectly match predictions about the performer's past journey. It is not just another average prediction though. This elegant mental miracle takes your audience on a one-of-a-kind adventure into your mind.

The routine starts with the performer asking their helper to make some random decisions. First, they need to set up a random time using the performer's watch. Then they generate a random number using an imaginary die. They throw it three times and add up the imaginary numbers to create a total.

Now it's time for an intriguing story about the performer's grandfather. How he inspired them to travel and share magic with others. As they're saying this, the performer opens the passport holder and deals the exact number of luggage tags to match the number generated by the spectator earlier. This stops them at a random place in the world, and the mentalist invites the participant to think of an image that reminds them of this place.

The performer then takes out a drawing from the passport holder and opens it to show it matches the image just described by the participant. No other luggage tag would have made sense with this image.

You're still not done though. The mentalist then takes out a black envelope. Inside is a piece of a plane ticket to the destination chosen by spectator! Furthermore, the time generated by the spectator matches the departure time on the plane ticket. As a final kicker ending, the seat number matches the number they generated earlier.

A truly impossible, complete, multi-phase routine that packs small and plays huge. Works for stage and parlor magic, as well as close up magic. Add "Itineris" by Radek Hoffman to your set today.


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