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Trick by Billy Damon
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Trick by Billy Damon ($19.95)

In stock.
Animinimals - magic
Animinimals Animinimals Animinimals Animinimals Animinimals Animinimals

The world's smallest balloon animals aren't even made from balloons! You'll want Animinimals in your pocket when you do your next in-person or virtual gig.

Imagine this: With absolutely ZERO balloon twisting experience, you can transform a pencil balloon into a heart-meltingly adorable miniature balloon animal that kids and adults will adore.

It might look like you spent years practicing balloon art, but it’s actually all done without inflating or twisting a balloon. The basic sleight of hand required can be learned in minutes.

Seriously, this effect is too fun to be described in words. Watch the demo video before going any further. Animinimals are the ultimate children’s show giveaway. Although, they’re so dang cute, you might just want to keep them for yourself!

“Best closeup trick of 2020!" Bill Abbott

"This is the perfect little effect to have on you at all times. Packs small. Big reactions!" Erick Olson

What’s in the box?

  • A dozen assorted rubber silicone Animinimals
  • Matching balloons
  • A 8-minute video instruction module
  • Six different routines
  • Option to purchase Animinimals in bulk to use as inexpensive giveaways

Animinimals is the brainchild of magician and master balloon twister Billy Damon and Vanishing Inc. Together, they’ve come up with the world’s smallest balloon animals and variety of incredibly handlings. Perform balloon-to-animal transformations such as the snap change or transformations that happen in the spectator’s hand. You can also do color changes, split the animal into two, “Two-in-the-hand, One-in-the-pocket” and a tons of other fun effects.

Each Animinimals set comes with a dozen assorted animals in a variety of delightfully vibrant colors. Vanishing Inc. has also kept the working pros in mind with bulk refills available at a great price. Click on the suggested products below to order.



Community questions about Animinimals

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Steve asks: "Option to purchase Animinimals in bulk to use as inexpensive giveaways." What is the cost of the Animinimals in bulk and how many do you get?

    • 1. Fred answers: $40.00 for 100 according to the site.
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  • Nicholas asks: Where do yo get the extra to give away

    • 1. Danny answers: Click below on Suggested Products: "Animinimals Refills Bags of 100."
    • 2. Danny answers: Nicholas -- Click on the link below for bags of 100.
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  • Randy asks: The animals look very small. Are they a choking hazard?

    • 1. Danny answers: They shouldn't be given to children under 3 years old.
    • 2. David Matkin answers: Full sized balloon animals should not be given to children under 3 either.
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  • Merijn asks: Does the giveaways feel like a balloon or more like uhm.. a harder material.

    • 1. Keith answers: Assuming soft silicone. Similar to what you’d feel if a large balloon is shrunk to this size.
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  • Mahleen asks: hi. if we buy the bulk version, will we still have access the instructions?

    • 1. Keith answers: No.
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  • Mahleen asks: Also, do the small animal balloons deflate?

    • 1. Keith answers: No. They’re silicone.
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  • asks: Do you ship to Ireland

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, we ship all over the world.
  • Robert asks: For those of us who have purchased the effect, do you tell us what color ballons match? I didnt see this in the instructions in the download, and since I also got the refills, would like to know if they are common Qualtex colors

    • 1. Danny answers: Yes. The silicone animals match the common Qualatex balloon colors. You won't need to replace the balloons however. You can reuse the balloons, because what you give away is the silicone animal.
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  • Jay asks: I can't tell from the photos, but it looks like these could be serious choking hazards. Has anyone tested these with a choke tube? Keep these age-specific guidelines in mind: Toys should be large enough — at least 1¼ inches (3 centimeters) in diameter and 2¼ inches (6 centimeters) in length — so that they can't be swallowed or lodged in the windpipe. A small-parts tester, or choke tube, can determine if a toy is too small.

    • 1. Jay answers: Product clearly says - HEALTH AND SAFETY: CHOKING HAZARD SMALL PARTS Not for children under 3 years. TRY READING THE FULL PRODUCT DESRIPTION NEXT TIME! duh
    • 2. Ehrin answers: Calm down
    • 3. Marc answers: So don't swallow them.
    • 4. David Matkin answers: Swallowing is fine - don't get them stuck in your wind pipe and choke on them.
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  • Dave asks: Are there allergy concerns as with typical latex balloon animals,

    • 1. Jim answers: Latex balloons are included. I am not sure what the animals are made of. It feels like some form of rubber—there might be some latex in it.
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  • David asks: I’d be fine if they are all wiener dogs. It says assorted. Can you please give me some idea of the assortment (besides color)? Just curious.

    • 1. Ed answers: Monkey, butterfly, dog, cat, flower, and a bear
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  • Jay asks: What Qualex colors match the mini balloons? Traditional assortment, entertainer assortment, neon, pearl? I would like to have more of the "real" balloons available. HELP please.

    • 1. Jim answers: Chrome.
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  • David asks: AniMINImals sales description was a “20 minute video instruction module” is included. I received a 7:59 instruction video. Is there more instruction?

    • 1. Jim answers: It was a typo in the description. Sorry! It has been corrected.
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  • Kevin asks: I bought the original, as well as the refill, but I want to know what color the refill balloons are. What are the exact Q260 balloons that match the colors? I'm not interested in reusing the balloons. Please clarify.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They are Qualatex Chrome.
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Customer reviews for Animinimals



Great! I purchased this with the additional 100 pack so I could hand them out for the kids who wanted to. keep it. The additional video is good quality and the explanations are great. I learned how to make the full size balloon version of all the mini versions included so I could make them shrink and grow.



I love the Animinimals! Funny enough, most of the people I produce one of the little balloon animals for, they do not experience it as a magic trick. First they think I did them for real, especially children. But they all love them and they make perfect souvenirs! I always carry a balloon and some of the Animinimals with me.





Love these. Actually using in virtual kids shows!



What you see is what you get. It obviously will gets kids attention but I find adults are caught off guard as well. One person pulled me aside and wanted to know 'what kind of mechanics were used". They weren't talking about sleights they thought the balloon someone how shaped itself into the animal by clicking a button. So as you can imagine they were super blown away when I gave them the animinimal to inspect.



This is a great trick to do on kids - I particularly like using a magic bag for the effect of turning a bunch of unknotted balloons into a bunch of balloon animals. Older kids will realize that the final product is not balloon-like at all, so you might have to have a line prepared to explain it (e.g. "Oh yes of course, I used magic to harden the balloon so it will last longer"). Get the extra bag of 100 Animinimals if you actually plan on using this on an audience.


Hans Peter

It is an excellent trick for children as well as adults. I have used it several times where "I walk around" and it brings joy all the time.
Good explanation included and most suitable for all occasions .I recommend this crazy little thing



I absolutely love for this kind of silliness! Your animinimals are so cute. We are having so much fun with your explanations / demonstration s. Looking forward to ordering more.



Love the animals!





Good fun, comes with a video, which is showing demos, and tutotials,
severall methods are shown on how too,
All off these methods are easy to do,
animinimals are great for give aways too.



This is great!! Very visual and easy to do.
Yes, it comes with a very short explanation video, but to be honest, you do not need anything else, it is straight forward and very easy to perform.
If you want to learn how to inflate the ballons or how to make a balloon animal you can find a lot and I mean a LOT of videos on youtube with great detail.
So to sum up, if you have seen the trailer and love the idea of giving away this tiny animinimals, buy it.



Great as a stand-alone trick, or if you do some balloon modelling a neat way to segue from balloon modelling into your magic set or vice versa (magic set to balloon modelling). Also would make great give away gifts to kids at a kids party/event.





These are great, awesome little trick. However I would like to warn, one of the routines in the video suggests pulling on the tail of one of the animinimals instead of the balloon. I would not recommend this, when I tried it the tail snapped off.



Video is less than 8 Minutes and shows the basic handling and some variations
B U T ...
I would have liked it if there where at lest the basics on how to make those balloon animals.
I really assumed there would at least shown how to make a dog balloon animal.

Animinimals by Billy Damon