Animinimals - Refills (Bag of 100)

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Refill by Billy Damon ($40.00)

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Animinimals - Refills (Bag of 100) - magic
Animinimals - Refills (Bag of 100) Animinimals - Refills (Bag of 100)

Have you noticed the look on spectators' faces when you perform Animinimals? Delight. Amazement. Surprise. Now you can afford to make that feeling last because you can give away your Animinimal each time your perform that magical "Balloon to Animal" transformation.

Get a bag of 100 Animinimals. These are magical give aways that will pay for themselves in tips you'll get.

You get a random assortment of the seven different Animinimals in six different colors. If you've been enjoying transforming balloons into these "smallest balloon animals in the world," order a bag of 100, and add these to your magical souvenirs that you share with your spectators.

Note: This product does not include instructions.

WARNING: Choking Hazard. Not for children under 3 years old.


Community questions about Animinimals - Refills (Bag of 100)

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  • Daniel asks: are the matching balloons included?

    • 1. Danny answers: The matching balloons only come with the original trick. The balloons are reusable. What you give away is the small silicone animal.
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  • Dave asks: Did these had the same allergy restrictions as regular balloons

    • 1. Danny answers: The Animinimals are made of silicone rubber. So they will not impact people with latex allergies.
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  • Dave asks: The balloons that are included, are they safe for people who are allergic to balloons

    • 1. Virginia answers: Per the description, the vendor already stated that this is a refill kit only. Balloons are NOT included. You should buy the base kit instead.
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  • Kevin asks: What colors from Qualatex match the silicone animinials? I only got one balloon of each with the original and want to refill them. Thanks!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They are Qualatex Chrome.
  • Kevin asks: What EXACT colors of qualatex chrome match the balloons? There are two shades of red, two shades of green, blue, and purple. Finding replacement balloons is proving to be a nightmare :)

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: 260B Reflex Violet Balloon Betallatex 50ct 260Q Fashion Rose Balloon Qualatex 100ct 260B Reflex Blue Balloon Betallatex 50ct 260B Reflex Blue Balloon Betallatex 50ct 260Q Fashion Wintergreen Balloon Qualatex 100ct 260Q Fashion Lime Green Balloon Qualatex 100ct 260Q Pearl Ruby Red Balloon Qualatex 100ct
  • JHON DAVID asks: when the refills wil be in sstock again ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: If you click "email me when new stock arrives" we will update you as soon as they come back.
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Customer reviews for Animinimals - Refills (Bag of 100)



Definitely worth it to get this refill if you plan on doing the Animinimals trick on an audience. Also, as I've seen, kids like to pick certain ones (e.g. At a recent birthday party for girls, they all wanted butterflies), so this refill bag gives you a good amount of each type of animal shape. While each Animinimal is somewhat stretchy, it can definitely tear if pulled too much, so just keep that in mind. But overall, it's a great product!