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Social Media Content Planner

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Magic download (ebook) by Mitch Zeltzer (45.00)

Social Media Content Planner - magic
Social Media Content Planner Social Media Content Planner Social Media Content Planner Social Media Content Planner Social Media Content Planner

What’s the #1 reason that your kids entertainment business isn’t getting a lot of engagement on social media?

It’s simple. You aren’t posting what people want to see.

Your clients come to Facebook and Instagram to

  • Be entertained
  • Be educated
  • Be inspired
  • Have fun

Do your posts meet those needs? Or are they “LOOK AT ME” posts that only talk about you and your business--all the time??

If you struggle to come up with ideas of what to post—every single day—(and yes, you should be posting frequently) then AmazeKids has an idea for you.

It’s the Social Media Content Planner for Kids Entertainers. It was created by Mitch Zeltzler, author of our best-selling e-book Marketing-on-a-Budget for Kids Entertainers. It teaches how to use social media to build your entertainment business.

This Planner provides you with a 12-month, 365-day calendar full of social media content ideas. Every day you’ll see a different idea—an inspiration that’ll springboard your creative process.

Mitch’s Social Media Content Planner is specifically designed for kids entertainers:

  • It’ll save you time.
  • It’ll remove the worry of what to post.
  • It’ll help you focus on the fun stuff like adding your own personality and creativity to each post.

The ideas in this calendar will work no matter where in the world you perform and no matter what type of Kids Entertainment business you run.

You get:

  • 366 days of social media content planned for you!!! (Yes, it's a leap year in 2020!) ...for about 10 cents per day.
  • No more wasted time thinking about what to post!
  • No more wasted energy worrying about not having enough ideas for social media!
  • The convenience of opening your calendar, getting a new prompt EVERY SINGLE DAY, and go!
  • Calendar in English with US holidays. If you live in another country, simply move specific holiday ideas to more sensible dates for you.
  • A guide to sit down a couple of times each month and schedule your posts.

Get Mitch Zeltzer’s Social Media Content Planner for 2020 and get your social media working for you… just like magic.


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Community questions about Social Media Content Planner

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  • Jonathan asks: Can much of the countless Golden nuggets of insights and suggestions offered in this kid-oriented social media content planner also prove beneficial/transferable to magicians that perform for adults (corporate and private)? Another words, will it help us to connect with our adult-oriented markets? Or is it primarily only valuable to those wishing to strengthen their connection to kid/family type audiences/markets?

    • 1. David answers: If you watch the video, you can see a quick preview of some of the posting ideas. They seem relevant to all kinds of entertainers, not just kids entertainers. (Note: I don't currently own this product but I'm thinking about it.)
    • 2. Pastor Neale answers: I do have the social media calendar. My field is even narrower (I am a gospel ventriloquist and magician) and I use it a lot. It is worded in such a way that it can be adapted to any performer. I use it almost every day in my planning. I am well into the new year with posts ready to go thanks to the calendar. Mitch did a great job.
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  • David asks: Does this involve posting videos of Magic performances?

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