Two-Headed Prediction

Trick by Christopher Barnes
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Two-Headed Prediction

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Trick by Christopher Barnes ($60.00)

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Two-Headed Prediction - magic
Two-Headed Prediction Two-Headed Prediction Two-Headed Prediction Two-Headed Prediction Two-Headed Prediction Two-Headed Prediction

Two heads are better than one! Especially when they're attached at the neck! Check out the pictures and the video trailer! Christopher T. Magician's Two-Headed Prediction, from his best selling book "Just For Fun," is now available at AmazeKids.

What's in the box?

  • A Two-Headed Zebra/Giraffe that stands 10" high
  • A Hilarious Double-butt Zebra/Giraffe that stands 4" high
  • A set of custom-illustrated animal cards
  • 15-minute instruction video by Christopher T. Magician
  • Chris's original routine

The 5-minute routine starts with a rigged game show style interaction between the kids and adults. You can choose who's going to win and, we promise, the process is hilarious. Then you steer the action towards the prediction you have in the bag as you have two animal cards "randomly" selected. Does your prediction match the selections! Of course -- in the most imaginative way possible! The kids go crazy when then see your reveal--the oh-so-cute, two-headed giraffe/zebra and its sidekick, the matching double-butt.

Kids love animals and kids love magic. So magic with these darling, yet bizarre, stuffed animals will get you double the love and double the impact when you perform Christopher T. Magician's "Two-Headed Prediction."

Note: It has brought to our attention by Chipper Lowell and others that he’s been performing an almost identical effect for years.

By buying the Two-Headed Prediction, you are only buying Chris routine for these props. Despite the conceptual similarities between this routine and Chipper’s, buying the Two-Headed Prediction in no way gives you any performance rights to any portion of Chipper’s routine, including scripting, blocking, props, etc.


Customer reviews for Two-Headed Prediction



This is awesome, just ordered it, along with super sale animal tarot for $5! Immediately saw the great game (kids v parents, students v teachers, Boys v girls etc) that Chris explains as ending in a tie, then can say the “tie breaker” is who picks the right animal in the bag, zebra or giraffe...surprise! It’s a girabra! (Or whatever name, lol) Another tie! Wait, ending game in a tie? Something smells funny in this sure does! Oh no, look at this! (Maybe chase kid or two around with “the butt of the joke”). ?????? ???? 2 thumbs up Mr. Taco!!! ??



Two-Headed Prediction (THP) is a routine that is surprising, silly and gets the entire audience engaged. After reading Christopher T. Magician’s amazing book ‘Just for FUN’ I stared doing THP in my shows. Over the past 2 years it has been a hit with kids and grow-ups. It’s more than a magic trick, it’s a full funny routine and a game you can play with your audience. As a family entertainer a routine that engages the entire audience is gold and that’s exactly what THP is. THP works works for virtual show, and in person shows. If you perform for family audiences or children this routine should be in your repertoire.

~Conrad Cologne



LOVE this one!! Bought it for my 2 Grandkids and as MY skills are still at the VERY basic beginner level, I did a little practicing before seeing them this past weekend. Had their Mom and Grandma on one team against them, needless to say they were very frustrated after losing 10 straight!! My presentation might not have been as smooth as shown on the video, but for an old guy I think it went quite well........



Christopher T. Magician's Two-Headed Prediction is pure gold. Anyone who's been out there in the trenches performing for family audiences can easily spot the inherent good fun that this routine has built in. The kids vs. parents game is an ideal laugh-generator and will have kids in an uproar to be thoroughly enjoyed by delighted parents undoubtedly. The surprise ending is an unsuspected climax that will impress everyone given the mentalism factor, and it especially helps to solidify a very worthy and professional routine. It's the kind of material that seasoned pros will use as a staple in their performances. Highest recommendation.



I performed this for the first time for my family on Christmas Day 2020. The ending got a really good reaction from my grandchildren and their parents. Christopher T. Is a very good teacher, though I think his studio performance is more engaging than his live performance. I delayed for a long time before buying this because of the price but I am very grateful to Vanishing Inc. for their November sale! I discovered a negative with the way Christopher T. does the first phase. He suggests you perform it so that the humour is at the children’s expense. I could see the logic in that because, if you do it the other way round, adults might think of some kind of animal sound that sort of fits, whereas you are likely to get silence (or complaints) from children (which is the point of the gag.) HOWEVER this is rather surprising in a trick produced by Amazekids and Danny Orleans. Their wonderful ebook on the breakaway wand explains ways of getting laughs in a kids show without upsetting sensitive children. My seven year old grandchildren were close to tears in the first phase of two headed prediction because they could see how unfair the game was. They just didn’t get the humour at that point. Maybe there would not be this problem with older children but I think it would be safer to reverse the situation and get the humour at the parents’ expense. I think even younger children would catch on to the fact that the parents were failing to do something that was so simple for children to do. I’ll try it that way round next time. Christopher T’s suggestion that the two teams could be girls versus boys is even more surprising from an Amazekids production. Do they not know how non PC that is? I’m enthusiastic about everything else Amazekids has done but there are just a few contradictions between these important details in this particular routine as taught in the instruction video and their published philosophy. I still recommend this for the reaction at the end and a family game based on animal sounds is a great starting point if you get the teams right. The grandchildren loved cuddling the animal after the show and one of the parents commented on the two-butted animal as a totally unique bit of humour. The gimmicks are beautifully made and all you have to do is find something to put them in until the revelation. I bought a paper gift bag (taller than A4) with brightly coloured balloons all over it so I could use it for any occasion. This is not cheap but very nicely made, as I said. The cards are beautifully printed in bright colours and a good size (something in between poker and jumbo) so the pictures can be seen easily in a stage or parlour situation but it is still very easy to do the double Hindu force. The cards are more like game cards that slippery, high quality playing cards but they handle well enough for this routine. Ideal for a family audience or school assembly. Despite my earlier caveat, the Two-Headed Prediction is very highly recommended for children’s entertainers. From a magician’s perspective, it’s more gag than magic but very strong on entertainment value with the right audience.


Arthur Alexander

This is a whole lot of fun to perform. Considering the current times, I have yet to be able to perform this in person, but I have this in all of my virtual shows, and it gets great reactions regardless of the audience. I have done this for a virtual school show, and made it kids vs. teachers, and I gave the teachers the hard animal sounds. The kids just loved it and it was very well received. I have also done this for an adult show and still made it kids vs. adults. I just let everyone decide which "team" they wanted to be on, and got loads of laughs. You can't go wrong with this trick, regardless of what kind of performer you are! Highly recommended.



Love this trick



This is a great product for children’s and family shows.

If we are to restart live shows with social distancing in place then it is also a great trick that has loads of interaction but without the need for any helpers on stage.

You can have fun with the animals and there are so many different animals included that the forces feel very fair.

If you perform children’s shows then I would recommend this for your shows. The video instructions are thorough and have a few ideas of different ways to present the effect.



For over twenty years I've been trying to put together, not a kids show, not a older person show, but a family show. After my third show, about 1982, The parent point blank said I wasn't very good. I politely reminded him that his kids had a good time. He agreed and paid me. That day I shut down my show, until I could put something together everyone can enjoy. My goal was to be ready by the time I turned sixty five. Well I'm there now, pushing sixty six and then came covid, I needed something for outdoor dining. Something where social distancing and masks won't be in the way. Well by adding two headed prediction to my arsenal of mayhem I have achieved just that. Not only will it work well with standard audiences, birthday parties and such, it's a riot at grown up functions. With the division aspect, Parent, child. Boy, girl. Man woman. Drunk ,sober. It will play to anyone. And for table hopping with outdoor dining it gives you the opportunity to drag everyone in on it, and that brings unity, and that's what I'm about. If your laughing, your not fighting. I'll tell you a secret. Old magic is new again and if played right adults love kids magic.





Please get this. I have been doing this routine sense I read it out of Chistopher's book Just for laughs. I made my own. This is better even thought I like my Sloth/Rabbit combination. I call it a Roth. Inside magic joke. Okay I do this for middle schools and even high schools. I have actually done this a live comedy event with 150 angry business people. It works. Please get this.





This is a great product! The video explanation of what you get is spot on and the cards and stuffed animal are great quality. It comes in a nice box, which is underrated when you consider some tricks you buy don't have a good way to store it. Overall, a great trick that will surely get you laughs (and maybe some grumbles from the kids :)!



This is one of the best routines for a family audience out there. The initial kids vs parents (or however you choose to split it) gives you 5-10 minutes of guaranteed fun-packed hilarity. But be careful if you're performing this for young children (5 or below). I've had sensitive kids get really upset at losing repeatedly, which kinda spoils the fun. I think at a certain age some kids just don't get the joke of it. That aside, the rest of the routine is ace. You have to kind of gloss over the fact that the end of the game - choosing a card to match a prediction - doesn't make a whole lot of sense. But nobody cares or is really paying attention if you do it right.

The toy that comes with it isn't amazing quality for the money which is a shame (mine was coming loose at the seams in places so had to do some remedial stitchng). My only other reservation is the fact that VI have now icluded copy on the product page to say this isn't original to Christopher T Magician. I always try to support creators where possible so I hope this is a case of independent creation rather than anything more sinister.



So happy I purchased this than trying my sewing skills to recreate this. Well done and really enjoy the quality.



This is definitely a worker. I've used this for kids parties/events and every time I've performed it, it's always gone down well. Why? Lots of interaction (can even get the parents involved), easy to fit one liners and jokes around the routine and has a neat double kicker ending. If you do kids shows then this is a great trick to add to your act for the reasons already mentioned....and it's easy to do (almost self working).



super hilarious trhank you!!



A hidden gem of children's (and family) magic. Seriously underpriced for what you get.

The comedy potential is huge.

And for those who can handle cards, there plenty of flexibility in how you routine it.



I think This is Going to be my Most talked about Trick this year .. I performed it at a family Easter function this past weekend and it was a Scream ,, the Parents VS Kids Aspect was Right on the nail head .. wonderful and a Must for every family style performer .. I am Going to Try it busking too I am Sure it will Play big enough on the Streets and you have MANY people watching the Cards are large enough to be seen



Fantastic quality product. Super easy to perform. Highly recommended.



Read Chritophr T Marian’s book first, immediately recognized this trick as a hit, and bought it. Well made, quality props and a hilarious routine that can't miss, with lots of opportunities for improv and fun. Even the parents can participate. Have performed it several times and it plays great!

VI Monthly




This is a great kid's trick. Demo and explanation are excellent, and there are no really hard moves!



A very funny and kidfriendly trick

This trick is perfekt for kids from 5-11. The game kids versus parents works very well and the more the kids lose the more they want to win and the more the parents laugh. I personaly like tricks where the grownups also like to participate.

This trick is more than just one trick.
First it is a gag.
Than it is a prediction trick with a very funny twist and at the end the trick has a very cool kicker.

You will get laughter and amazment.


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  • Danny asks: Wondering if the included video is a download or is it a DVD?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is a download.
    • 2. Danny answers: Along with the two stuffed animals and the deck of large animal cards, you are given a code to access a 15-minute online instruction video download made by Chris Barnes. This is very easy to learn.
    • 3. Irwin answers: I have been doing magic, Professional Magician for 50+ years and I purchased lots of junk. This effect (I have not seen Chippers) is one of the best kid show routines to come along in many years. The packaging for the effect is beautiful. As I have always done, learn the effect then make it your own with Patter etc. Thanks Chris T.
  • Steve asks: After a show I damaged some of the cards. Can replacement cards be purchased separately?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Please email and someone will help you out.
  • Sharon asks: How come I am unable to get the instructions for this piece when logging into the "learn here" information card which came in the box? The site can't be found so I cant access even though I have the password.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Check your downloads library or write
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