An Email From Mr. Belldini--Grandpa's Thread

By Danny Orleans - Wednesday, February 5, 2020

As a teacher of magic, it’s always a thrill for me to see how my work has influenced magicians around the world. Recently I received a lovely email from Lee Bell aka “Mr. Belldini” from England who sent me a short video of his performance of ‘Gypsy Thread.' He learned the patter and handling from my DVD set The Art of Presenting Magic to Children.

Lee writes, “Ever since I applied the strategies in your DVDs, particularly how to manage young audiences, I noticed how these have worked wonders …and now my business is thriving. I have included many of your routines in my show and am particularly proud of “Grandpa’s Thread”-- a video of it is attached.”

Check out the video! Notice how engrossed his audience is, even though it’s such a tiny prop. Lee also uses an onstage helper who “makes the magic happen.” What a cute touch!

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