Why Should Anyone Care About Magic Tricks?

By Vanishing Inc. - Thursday, October 1, 2020

"Why should people care?"

When he was younger, David Williamson showed a trick to legendary magician Albert Goshman. The trick itself was great and David performed it flawlessly. Yet, Al had just one comment—"Why should people care?"

These four words have stuck with David his entire life. They made him realize that perfect sleight of hand or the coolest, flashiest gimmick is not as important as performing magic that fills an audience with happiness and a sense of wonder.

Our very own Matt Szat sat down with David Williamson to discuss why it’s our job as magicians to transform a simple magic trick into a truly special experience that our audiences will actually want to care about, as well as the importance of doubting “magic experts” and carving your own path.

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