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Magic download (video) by Paul Wilson ($12.00)

Paul Wilson gives a phenomenal introductory course to close up magic with cards - 10 lessons on 10 principles of card magic. 10x10 is card magic for beginners, but even the seasoned card conjuror will be pleased to sit down with Paul for an hour, discussing powerful card magic with methods that are easy to perform.

You'll learn how to shuffle and pretend to shuffle a deck of cards, secretly obtain knowledge of a selected card, palm cards off of the deck, and much more. Not only does Paul describe these fundamental sleights, he puts them straight to use by teaching you effects that you can perform as soon as you've mastered each lesson.

Join Paul, and go deeper into the rabbit hole.


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  • Iain asks: Anyone know the running length?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The explanation video is about 1 hour and 18 minutes.
  • BGG Reviewer asks: Is there a list somewhere of what 10 principles Paul covers on this video?

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10 X10, this is a great video,
Very well explained, he starts with an introduction, followed by demos, and how to do variouse, and very enjoyable easy card tricks.
he also explains different deck handaling methods too.
This is definatley worth getting.



Here's a quick review of Paul Wilson's 10x10 magic course.

This free downlaod is a great introduction to essential sleights, controls and some classic card magic.

Paul Wilson's course will be sure to whet anyone's appetite looking for a starting place to learn some card magic.

Covers sleights such as the overhand shuffle control, the glide, the palm, the double lift and classic pass. Not only does. Paul Wilson demonstrate these sleights, with numerous tips on how to practice them, he performs some classic tricks which utilise these moves. Don't be fooled by how easy these tricks seem to perform, they really do pack a punch. For example if you can do a decent glide, you're ready to go and learn Design for Laughter, based on Charlie Miller's Dunberry Delusion, which has been performed by many magicians over the years in different forms. Everyone will ask you, how did you switch the cards at the end.

This is a great giveaway from Vanishing. It could easily be a paid for download!



Awesome content! I can't believe it was free... Even though I was familiar with all the techniques covered I learned some great tips about presentation and I added a few subtilities here and there in my repertoire. If you're a beginner and don't know a lot about card magic I highly recommand this download. Awesome Job by Paul Wilson!





It was great! I learned easy magic tricks and the pass!

10x10 by Paul Wilson