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Magic download (video) by Alex Hansford ($18.00)

Alex Hansford releases three pet routines, direct, powerful effects that can be done anywhere, anytime. An instant transformation of 4 cards, a phenomenal transposition inspired by Alex Elmsley, and an Ace Assembly unlike any other you've seen. Every move, every subtlety, is explained in beautiful detail. Alex is one of our favorite magicians, and if you're new to magic or have been a longtime practitioner, you'll love his takes on these classic plots.


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First of all, I've got to mention that I love Alex. Not only his magic, but also his personality are what makes him so special. Anyways, I'm gonna review the 3 tricks in order from the trailer:

Etanche: An instant four for four change with a sweet patter line and presentation on the order of the cards in the hands. This trick is gold. Alex goes very in-depth in the explanation and also teaches variations, ideas and presentation tips on the routine. What I liked the most about this routine is that it has no set up and that Alex, really gives you valuable information on how to handle and move a double between three other singles in the hands.

Patina: Alex Elmsley's Diamond cut Diamond plot refined and taken to a new direction by Alex. The routine uses an extra something that everyone of you magicians out there will surely or should at least have (don't worry, not a gimmick and no arts and crafts). The routine is beautiful. Alex surely put some hard work on that routine and thought it out very, very well. The transpo of the cards is super clean and the switching is not catchable with the eye. What I love about this routine is that you're not setting up the diamonds packet after they pick a card and name a number like in the original version. In this version they will not be burning your hands because it happens on an off-beat moment and really flies by. What makes this so good is that they pick the card AFTER you set the packet on the table. If you want to, you can have the spectator deal the cards on the table, so the effects is even more cleaner and more powerful.

Although I didn't liked this trick that much in the trailer, it became my favourite after learning it. The thoughts that were put on this instant assembly trick by Alex is the real treasure. The sleights that are combined in this routine are amazing and the trick may be a bit hard and knacky at first, but after some practice and work on your misdirection this will be amazingly easy. The color change used is very visual and the revelation of the 4 "invisible" cards on the table in the end is amazing too. The only thing that I didn't like that much about this routine, was that the trick uses a multiple card center-crimp wich bows and bends your cards in a way, that looks a bit ugly if you dont unbow them really good after the routine. I can see thought why he picked that sleight for its purpose since it really works good with the routine.

The teaching:

You get 50 minutes of detailed instruction.
Did you read that?
Trust me, you won't miss any information and you also get uncut performances of the tricks wich are always nice. As said Alex goes VERY in-depth with the routines, he gives credit where credit is due and shares some of his friends ideas on some minor changes in the routines, in case you would like to use them.

Overall I really loved this product and think that it has some really good stuff in it. I really recommend you buy it and I promise, that you will surely find something to add to your repertoire or take away and add in your own routines.

So Art of Magic did a great job filming and delivering a great product to all us who respect the art. Alex is a beautiful mind in Magic and I would really love to see some more of his stuff coming up in Art of Magic.

My final honest score on this product is a 4.8/5.0
You can't go wrong with this beautiful download.
I hope this reviewed helped you consider buying this or maybe even to changing your mind from a negative perspective to a positvie one.

With best regards to you magicians,
Apostolos Papadopoulos



The is truly one of my favorite card tricks. I sit & watch this, it's just an amazing trick. Alex is one of my favorite magicians to watch. His explanation of the method is exceptional. Love it.

Automatic by Alex Hansford