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Magic download (video) by Byron Leung
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B&T Bundle

24.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Byron Leung ($24.00)

Byron Leung and Takumi Takahashi join forces to bring you a bundle packed full of knuckle busting sleights. Developed over the course of several years, this bundle offers an exploration of opportunities with the Lateral Palm, several shifts, and some table work to round everything out - 10+ moves taught in detail.

You know Byron from his standout routine, CAP, and we're pleased to introduce you to Takumi Takahashi, a phenomenal technician and creator from Japan, and the foremost student of Lennart Green.

As part of our Community Captions project, the explanation video for this download has optional English subtitles.


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This is awesome!!! I love Takumi’s work and Byron did an great job as well. The teaching is very good but very quick. My favorite trick is Rapid Fire because you can do it as many times as you want. The angles for Takumi Change aren’t covered but you can watch the video again for hand positions. It’s the same quality as A Study On Lennart Green, which is awesome quality. I would have paid double the price for this!!!



This is Excellent, nice clean video production, over head camera angles for these moves, this is very easy to follow, and easy to understandnd, repeats each move, keep a check on your hand positioning with these moves, these moves are really cool, Although it will take time to perfect these moves, they look more difficult than they really are, so to start with it doesnt take long to get a feel for these moves.Try checking out on vanish inc,Takumi Takahashi Teaches Card Magic, another really cool variety on card magic. If you want your Mind Blown, Then Check out Asia's got tallent,Takumi Takahashi Live,
Copy the link below into You Tube magicgodfarther.



A quick warning if you are a beginner magician. The techniques that are taught in this download are a bit difficult. They are explained well so it's up to the performer to actually master them. I would still highly recommend this download as it contains some excellent stuff to add to your arsenal.

As for myself, I really love this. I am a fan of Takumi, but haven't really seen any of the stuff from Byron. The teaching is a bit quick from Takumi's side, but he demonstrates the sleights he teaches well so it's not really a problem. It definitely takes a bit of time fidgeting around with certain sleights, but when you get them down they're really satisfying to do.


I love these sleight of hand techniques. Sleight of hand is dying, and these classes really bring back the old school magic feel, with skill-based sleights. The only thing i would have to critique is when Takumi Takahashi teaches the deck flip. It’s not very descriptive on how exactly you flip it. Other than that, great, great description and I hope to see more from these sleight of hand masters!

B&T Bundle by Byron Leung