Classic Magic of Larry Jennings (eBook)

Magic download (ebook) by Larry Jennings
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Classic Magic of Larry Jennings (eBook)

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Magic download (ebook) by Larry Jennings (39.95)

When it was first released, Dai Vernon referred to "The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings" as an "absolute must for all lovers of poetry and magic".

Now you can get your hands on this rare book in a special instant download e-book version.

This incredible magic book features all of the Larry Jennings classics, expertly described and meticulously illustrated—including Open Travellers, The Homing Card, Peripatetic Coins, The Visitor, Visual Copper and Silver and so much more.

288 pages. 440 illustrations by Tom Gagnon. 80 groundbreaking effects and 90 sleights in total.


  • Dedication to Ron Wilson and Dai Vernon
  • Foreward by Dai Vernon and Charles Miller
  • Preface by John Thompson
  • Introduction by Mike Maxwell
  • Always Cut the Cards (Ed Marlo's Unit Upjog Addition)
  • 2002 Aces (The Optical Add-On)
  • Twisting the Plot
  • Spectator Cops the Silver (Bobo Switch)
  • Synchronicity (Berg Palm, Top Palm Replacement, Modified Curry Turnover, L.J. Double Pushoff, Optical Toss, Miracle Spread)
  • Misdirection Cards to Pocket
  • Problem with Hofzinser (Vernon Cut, ATFUS, Walton Show)
  • In the Palm of Your Hand (L.J. Double Double, Pip Mis-Show Sequence)
  • The Bet
  • Peripatetic Coins (L.J. Shell Steal, Purse Palm Vanish)
  • Immaculate Insertion
  • Bonus Trick (Vernon/Krenzel Mechanical Reverse, Modified Dr. Elliot's Pass, Vernon Wedge, Wedge Cull, Wedge Reverse)
  • Mystery Card (Larry's Packet Reverse - The Flop)
  • Plotting the Twisted Aces.
  • The Hook (Panorama Pass)
  • Impossible
  • Well Oiled Reset (Elmsley Count)
  • Jennings Opener (Jennings-Hofzinser Change)
  • Pacoima Solution (L.J. Peek)
  • The Card in the Beer Bottle
  • Heads I Win, Tails You Lose.
  • 7-Up (Interlock, Dai Vernon's Utility Move, Double Lift Get-Ready)
  • Shut Up and Deal (Multiple Card Get-Ready, L.J. Insertion, Fene Finnel's Free Cut Principle)
  • The Maestro's Poker Demonstation (L.J. Unloading Move, L.J. Variation of the Machine Break Off Move, L.J. Packet Switch, Hamman Count)
  • Jennings Revelation.
  • Chinese Connection.
  • Visual Copper and Silver (Purse Palm, Scotty York Back Clip Variation)
  • Optical Prediction
  • L.J. Ten Card Problem Variation (Top Card Cover Pass)
  • The Card in the Hat (L.J. Angle Steal, Neal Elias Jumping Card)
  • The Courting Queen: (Pass, Christ Twist)
  • Easy Expert Coins Across (Heel Steal, Han Ping Chien)
  • Collectors I (Vernon Depth Illusion)
  • Ambitious Classic
  • A Royal Twist (Christ Twist)
  • Gambler's Aces (Neal Elias Multiple Shift, Stevens Riffle Control, Doc Daley Cut, Vernon block Transfer)
  • General Card (Braue Reverse)(Apocalypse June 1980)
  • Lie Detector
  • Skip Tracers (Braue Addition, D'Amico Shift)
  • Spectator's Choice (L.J. Technical Variation of Marlo's B.D.E. Force)
  • Twist'In (Underground Elmsley Count)
  • King's Triumph
  • The Observation Test
  • Collectors II
  • Reaping the Aces I & II (Jennings Slip Switch)
  • Standing Three Eagles (Kaps Subtlety)
  • Departure from a Point (Drop Switch, Alex Elmsley's Hand Washing Vanish)
  • Ambitious Classic Variation
  • Any Ace Called For (Gathering Add-On, Vernon Cut, T.N.T. Bottom Deal)
  • Open Travellers (Bounce Double, Finley Tent Vanish, Rub A Dub Dub Vanish)
  • Travelling Expert (Vernon Spring Palm)
  • Prefiguration (A Glimpse)
  • The Visitor (Jennings-Walton Show)
  • Triple Discovery (Braue Reversal)
  • Last Minute Visitor (Marlo's Bottom Deal Exchange, Spread Load for a Sandwich)
  • Impromptu Wildcard (Illusion-Flushtration Count)
  • Homing Card (Deal Set, Erdnase Palm Change)
  • Wave Vanish
  • Homing Card Variation
  • Wallet Deck Switch
  • Uni-Flection (Multiple Lift Display Sequence, Rhythm Count, L.J. All Alike Count)
  • Jennings on Vernon's Triumph (Vernon Block Transfer)
  • Collectors III (L.J. Insertion Addition, Dr. Nuzzo's Faro Slough Off)
  • Fan-Stab-Stic (Vernon Pressure Fan Control)
  • Twist'In II (All Fair Show, J.K. Hartman's Clean Up and Reverse)
  • L.J. On Leipzig's Sympathetic Cards (Marlo's B.D.E. Force)
  • The Visting Expert (D'Amico Spread, Vernon Transfer)
  • Dice-O-Matic:
  • Distributraction (Collectors V)
  • Jennings Bill Switch
  • Clink-A-Clink Coins Across (w/Louis Falanga) (Pop Up Move)
  • Out Standing Triumph (L.J. Display)
  • Cut Reverse I
  • Cut Reverse II
  • Instant Aces
  • Slap Me Again, I Needed That (L.J. Double Undercut)
  • Ambidextrous Travellers (One Hand Bottom Palm, Diagonal Palm Shift)
  • Double Your Pleasure: Jennings' Double Lifts (Snap Lift, Center Lift)
  • L.J. Toss
  • Double Think (Roll Around Reverse, Larreverse)
  • Spectator's Triumph (Palm Spread)
  • Bonus Routine: Larry Jennings' Single Cup & Balls Routine (Fake Transfer, Vernon Cone Vanish)
  • Credits and Technical Commentary by James Patton.
  • Larry Jennings: The Classic Past by David Michael Evans

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