Diagonal Palm Shift

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Diagonal Palm Shift

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Magic download (video) by Ricky Smith ($10.00)

First published in 1902 by S.W. Erdnase, the Diagonal Palm Shift - a secret maneuver for bottom palming a selected card placed into the middle of the deck - is explained in detail by one of this generations most beloved sleight of hand artists, Ricky Smith.

Although he would argue otherwise, we think Ricky does the move better than anyone and could not be more pleased with this exposé on one of our favourite sleight of hand techniques.

In addition to the video tutorial we’ve included a copy of the original write-up which we suggest reading first. It’s only three pages so won’t take long. The video itself is nearly an hour and features an extremely detailed explanation from multiple angles along with guidance towards finding a plethora of variations and tricks from magicians such as John Carney, Dai Vernon, Bill Kalush, Paul Chosse and David Ben to name a few.


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Watch the trailer and see if you like it. Or not. It's Ricky Smith talking about the Diagonal Palm Shift. That's enough reason to take a look.



This is one of my favorite moves in card magic and here, Ricky presents it as it should be. Simple, direct and inspiring, as Ricky show different variations and encourage you to come up with more. May Erdnase be with you!



Having seen Ricky lecture recently and being familiar with his love for the DPS, I was excited to dig deeper into his work on the sleight. Ricky's touches and ideas bring an already brilliant move into an even more workable light. He manages to add unique twists while still holding a reverence for the original text (which he rightly suggests the viewer read before watching the download). All in all, a brilliant purchase- a lifetime of usable knowledge for an unbelievably low cost. Money well spent.



The lecture actually helped me to know how to do the move. I've thought the move is quite lame but it's my most favorite move just like classic pass is. I perform DPS every time I take a deck of cards.



This is the best way to get a playing card from the middle of the deck, 5 stars

Diagonal Palm Shift by Ricky Smith