Don't Fear the Faro

Magic download (video) by James Went
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Don't Fear the Faro

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Magic download (video) by James Went ($14.99)

Nothing is guaranteed to strike fear into the trainee magician's heart more than the words 'and then complete a perfect faro shuffle'.

The Faro Shuffle is an elegant technique that mixes two packets, with cards alternating from each hand. A perfect faro means a precise rearrangement of a deck into two equal piles of 26 cards, which are then interwoven perfectly. For many apprentice card manipulators it is a sleight too far. A move too onerous to master, but too desirable to forget.

Well, James Went (star of the bafta award winning BBC magic show 'Help, My Supply Teacher Is Magic') is here to put this incredible move into your arsenal. IT. IS. NOT. AS. HARD. AS. YOU. THINK!

Using a simple, step-by-step guide James will show you his bulletproof technique and get you up and running in a flash.

The thorough one hour video download will walk you through every element that you need to master this powerful sleight. It breaks down the hand positions, subtle movements and the necessary choreography into simple steps, that - if you follow - will ensure your practice time is actually improving your skills!

And James even includes THREE killer routines that will take your newly mastered skill and blast spectator's minds. Stacked Aces requires only a partial faro, so is perfect for performances when you are just starting to make headway with this essential sleight. Then Ace Goes To The Place (by Harry Riser) will show you just how incredible a routine you can unleash just by using a single faro shuffle. And finally, Mental Topper (by Ed Marlo) is a truly crushing routine that will fry absolutely ANYONE who sees it. James uses this to destroy magicians! Once you see it, you'll see why!!!

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  • Iain asks: Can anyone tell me if this is a bottom up or top down technique? I'd love good footage and tips for the Marlo bottom up handling..

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Bottom up.
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Customer reviews for Don't Fear the Faro



James Went is a legend for putting this together!

It is exactly as advertised a basic introduction to the Faro, I did find this very helpful in improving my own technique.

James steps you through the basic handling in great detail, but don’t expect to be doing perfect Faros over night it will take some practice. James also points you in the right direction with some suggestions on what to read for further study of the subject.

I would love to see more content like this from James,

Highly recommended!!!



After trying and not allways being that sucesfull at doing the farro shuffle, i went and purchased this video, im so pleased i did get this, its brilliant introduction to the farrow shuffle,The video, includes, the demos, and tutorials, with just over an hour of video play time, its very well explained, very easy to watch, and very easy to follow.I was able to do the farrow shuffle before the video ended, yes i made plenty of mistakes at first, but once you get it, its magic hapening right in front of you,It Includes three card tricks all involving the farrow shuffle, two easy farrow card tricks, and one advanced trick, the last one is advanced as you will be using a perfect farrow shuffle if its the farrow shuffle you want to learn then its so worth getting this download, its got every thing you need to no.



I have been performing card magic for over 20 years, and while I do not perform professionally, I would generally consider myself quite advanced with regard to sleight of hand ability. In spite of this, I have never managed to become proficient in executing the Faro Shuffle. After years of trying, I had all but given up on mastering it. I purchased this download as a last ditch effort and am happy to report that it was the answer to all my problems. I was performing the technique with nearly 100% consistency (including perfect 26 card splits) within a week of purchasing the download. Mr. Went does a fabulous job explaining every nuance and important consideration. In all my years of purchasing and practicing card tricks, I can report that this is some of the best money I have ever spent. Finally, I can begin performing all the Darwin Ortiz effects that I never was able to. Thank you Vanishing Inc. and James for this fantastic instruction! Highly recommended!



This is the best Faro tutorial out there, it's FANTASTIC. I also have Revolutionary Card Technique and the Michael Close E-book, and his approach is compatible with both of those (and complimentary), but if I was to recommend only one source, this is it. My success rate just shot up in one hour of working with this video. And the production is excellent, really good high res up close technique views from many angles.




Lexie L

Very good I’ve learned not to fear the faro shuffle very good



I can't recommend this download highly enough. I'm almost a complete beginner when it comes to card sleights but I was able to execute perfect faro shuffled fairly reliably after a couple of weeks.

At first I thought the mechanics of the move weren't covered in enough depth. I was expecting painstaking attention to detail and a whole section on troubleshooting. But the fact is half the battle is just practice and experimenting with tiny adjustments in pressure and angles. Do this and once you get it the cards will melt into each other.

The tricks are very strong. There are some suggestions for further reading. There's not too much on the history of the move or popular applications like returning the deck to original order but there are plenty of free videos elsewhere that cover these topics. This is everything you would want from an introduction to the move.





The explanation seemed ok , however after several hours of practice , I am still unable to do a Perfect Faro shuffle. I wish he would have spent some time on some common errors people make when doing it because obviously , I am doing doing wrong.

Don't Fear the Faro by James Went