Elmsley Count

Magic download (video) by Elliott Terral
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Elmsley Count

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Magic download (video) by Elliott Terral ($8.40)

Developed by Alex Elmsley, this beginner sleight of hand move allows you to false count cards while hiding certain cards from the audience’s view. This versatile move has various card magic applications. It’s most famous use is in Dai Vernon’s classic “Twisting the Aces” routine, which is also taught in this download.


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Very smooth card moves; very practical advice. The Elmsely Count was a good refresher and fits nicely with his other great videos (Erdnase Color Change, Double Lift, etc.) … great reinforcement of the basics. I like these type of products because they apply to so many different routines. Keep them coming!!



very clear



This video for the Elmsley Count is excellent. Its so worth getting this, he goes through the Elmsley count in great detail, with the handaling, and move tips, and gestures, which are all sutaltees !worth knowing, followed by how to do twisting the Aces routine.
This is followed by a three, and a four Elmsley count, this time with the cards facing, then the eEmsley count in slow mo, i think someone else said in the review,
i wish there was more, (I agree) as the video quality and the production is also excellent.



Superb teaching of a sleight I thought I knew. Elliott has such a calming way of talking, I honestly sometimes listen to it when practicing other stuff.
What I admire most is the relaxed way he does the count. Something that cannot be compared to some hectic „tutorials“ out there. Naturalness at its best. Get it, you won’t regret it!



A fantastic, clear and concise guide to the Elmsley Count.



I have been doing magic for three years now and I've always hated the Elmsley count because I had a very hard time Learning from YouTube videos and after awhile I completely ignore it due to the difficulty. This download taught me the elmsley count the right way and made me love it more than pretty much any other move



I always thought my handling of this frequently utilized move was fine. Elliott showed me there is always room for improvement even with what seem to be the simplest sleights. Even if you think you know the Elmsley Count, you will find great lessons in this tutorial!



Very nice version, all should learn or compare



This is a cursory description of the Elmsley Count, perhaps the single most important sleight for packet card tricks. But even though this is a relatively simple move, there are many subtleties that were completely overlooked. You can pick up some of them from the large number of free YouTube videos available. The idea of other counts (e.g., Jordan Count) would have helped, along with more strategies for practicing and mastering the move. It's not so much that the teaching was flawed. There just wasn't enough of it.


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