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Magic download (video) by Eric Goldfarb
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Eric Goldfarb EP

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Magic download (video) by Eric Goldfarb ($18.00)

A collection of original sleight of hand techniques and routines by New York magician, Eric Goldfarb. 

Explained is a new approach to "topping the deck" or palming a single card off the top of the deck. Eric's method, called the Startling Palm, allows the fingers to remain open and free while the hand is able to relax and yet still invisibly retain a palmed card. Eric goes over many applications for this technique, including loading it into pockets, in the card box, and back on top of the deck as either a replacement or a color change - which is an altogether separate technique included called the G-Force Change. 

Loaded is a new utility move for loading a card secretly inside a box. Unlike other methods, Eric has figured out a way to visibly show a card inside of the box before removing it. Loaded has many applications which Eric goes over in detail. One of our favorites completely disguises the move and can be used to switch out any card in the box for another. 

Combining both these techniques, Eric then teaches two of his signature effects, Metamorphosis (shown) and Reloaded.


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Customer reviews for Eric Goldfarb EP



In this tutorial, mainly there are 2 utility move, startling palm and loaded, which both are great!

Startling palm is a very unique palming technique that allows you to show all fingers separated from another. That makes the palm very invisible. I think this is better than other palming techniques that your 4 fingers must be together. If your fingers are apart, there would be much less possibility that anyone could suspect that you are palming the card. About the utility of this palm, it's very fast to palm and releasing the card, so it can be use as card change, or steal a card and reload it somewhere else.

And there is one more utility and this is a very good idea. With this utility, you can make the selected card appear in the box, remove it out of the box and show the box empty. I really like this, because it's very deceptive. And it's easy to do. There are also a lot applications that could be apply with this. I'm so sure I'll use this in my tricks.

Other than those 2 utility moves, Eric also teaches nice tricks that could be done using those 2 moves. The tricks are called Metamorphosis and Reloaded. Metamorphosis is basically transposition of 2 cards, from inside to out side of the box, and from outside to inside of the box. The transposition happens fast and visual. And also, this is impromptu. About reloaded, this is also nice. It's about making a selected card disappear and reappear in the box. So, tons of ideas are filled in this tutorial. Highly recommended.



The startling palm by Eric Goldfarb is a must in any magicians repertoire, beginner or pro. Eric explains this sleight in intricate detail so that learning it is a breeze. He masterfully shows and explains other applications that can be accomplished with this incredible sleight.

Metamorphosis, a trick utilizing the startling palm and applications (both taught in this download), is AMAZING! It is a guarantied show stopper and will get you the reactions you've been waiting for! And the best part of it, it's dead easy to learn.

Also another effect taught in this download(not mentioned in the trailer) is 'reloaded'. This, using the basic principles of metamorphosis, follows a cards journeys from outside the card box and seems to melt through to the inside the box and if that isn't enough then gets placed back into the center of the deck, totally lost, then magically reapers inside the card box again! This is my favorite effect from the download and I'm sure you will enjoy it too.

The startling palm is an absolute MUST. This extraordinary palm lets you steal cards from the deck completely unnoticeable, plus you can palm this card with your hand relaxed and with all your fingers opened. Just imagine all the uses out of something as powerful as this palm!



Eric Goldfarb is an otherwise unknown magician to me, but his EP is definitely a good download. He teaches a rear palm and a color change application, and it's one of the best palms I've come across. The box load he teaches is fantastic. I like the color change, as it's a mix of an Ego and a Winter, almost. It has a super visual aspect to it. The palm itself is a utility move that can be applied to almost any routine wherein palming is needed. The tricks taught are also very nice and can be put into any close-up set. I recommend this for any serious card worker.

Eric Goldfarb EP by Eric Goldfarb