Four Ahead

Magic download (video) by Robert Ramirez
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Four Ahead

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Magic download (video) by Robert Ramirez ($12.00)

There’s a plot in card magic that we at Vanishing Inc. Magic are just crazy about: asymmetrical transpositions. This means a transposition between, say, a selected card and four Queens. It’s a transposition of not just two objects, but the number of objects as well. It is always unexpected, and a WTF moment for spectators.

What Rob offers with his superb “Four Ahead” is a streamlined routine that gets you TWO beautiful moments with two different selected cards. Observe how every palm, every sleight, and every action is entirely motivated and built into the routine. This is a chance to study with Rob as he explains the details of not only this routine, but how to structure ANY routine so the motivation for each sleight is built into the structure of the routine.

Running Time: 19 minutes


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I received Four Ahead as a free download with a purchase that I made. I am not at all into card magic and was snared by the words in the description which read, "Transpositional Effect." I thought the effect was going to translate into objects or coins or tokens of some kind but did not imagine that it would be cards. I counted AT LEAST five sleights used in the trick (cuts, lifts, separations, etc.) that require more than a little practice in card manipulation and, although the trick has punch and is very effective, I would not have chosen this as my bonus due to it being card magic. Please list the type of illusion in your description so that a clueless buyer will not be disappointed. The trick was five star! The description was not.



What a strange, great trick this is. Its structure is weird and a little discrepant, the plot doesn't make much sense, but it's got a lot of charm. I love off-kilter stuff like this. There are a couple of moves in it that are not for beginners, and none of the sleights are taught in a lot of detail, but if you have a background in card magic, I would really recommend this one. I tend not to like transpo effects because I think they're a little hard to follow, but the four-for-one switch is a real shocker. Robert's teaching is always so much fun to watch too.



I received the "Four Ahead" download on the thanksgiving sale, I can't recall. I gotta say though that this routine is excellent in every away. Although you there are some moves you have to learn such as the Elmsley count and the turnover move that Ramirez mentioned in his tutorial. It's pretty straight forward, if you practice from every now and then you might just get the hang of it. It also solves the problem of people who try to look forward or guess what's going to happen in the trick. It really tricks the spectator in a way whether if he or she is a Magician or not.





I like it. Simple and reachable with some practice time for my entry level. I am a bit frustated with some parts simply brushing a move like it is simple and we should know it already (like the Elmsley Count). A quick refresher showing how he is doing it would have helped keeping it all in this video instead of going for a reminder course on it.
But appart for those few moves here and there, it is all well presented. I have to practice it now. Thx


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