Hover Control

Magic download (video) by Chris Severson
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Hover Control

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Magic download (video) by Chris Severson ($7.00)

Chris Severson returns with a simple, unbelievably casual control to the top of the deck. Under the guise of displaying the free choice of a playing card, your spectator's selection is controlled. It doesn't get more fair than this.

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This is an exceptional control. It's so good that the minute you see how it's done you think that it had to be thought up in the past. I've reviewed all my stuff but cannot find a comparable move anywhere. My congrats to Mr. Severson.



I have been on the hunt for a really convincing, but workable and practical card control for a long time.
This card control looks as convincing, if not more so, than any card control that I have seen today.
I'm envisaging some hours of practice in order to nail this sleight, but I'm confident of my ability to master the card control in my capacity as an amateur card handler of average skill.
Thanks for this great invention!



A truly beautiful piece of card manipulation.



Thank you so much for this wonderful idea. Really one of the neat control ever. It is fast and love the sleight.



Very clever and natural control.



This would definitely fall into the "Why didn't I think f that!" category. The description is not hyperbole. Hover Control is excellent. It is an elegant and simple idea that is easily understood. It is smooth, relaxed, casual and deceptive. There is literally nothing to see, when performed correctly. Do pay close attention to the excellent explanation, and Mr. Severson's attention to detail.

This is well worth your investment. Please give it the attention it deserves.




This control is interesting in the sense that it is essentially a smooth and seemingly innocent way of accomplishing the same thing a double undercut can. If you are looking for something along these lines, then this is for you. I will practice this and possibly use it but there are easier ways to get a card to the top of the deck that work just as well. If you are of the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality, then this control won't do much for you because you already have a control you like. If you enjoy playing around with different ideas and tools, then this control will be a lot of fun to play with.

As far as difficulty goes, this is one of those "knack" things that once it clicks and your hands develop muscle memory, it will be second nature but I don't think that knack will take months to get. Honestly, a properly done double lift will probably take more practice than this to learn to do well. I poor double lift will be spotted easily. This has enough cover that you can be a little sloppy and still not give it away. It's a nice control but I do have others I will probably use just as much. I would use this one if I didn't want to shuffle the deck after insertion.



Would have rated it higher, but magician must insert the card back into the deck. For me, anytime the magician directly handles the selection, the more chance for assumptions of control. That being said, otherwise it's very casual and deceptive.



Take Robin de Leon's control and sell it for 7$ as your own it is very tricky even for a "magician"!

Hover Control by Chris Severson