Invisible Speller

Magic download (video) by Dani DaOrtiz
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Invisible Speller

14.40 usd

Magic download (video) by Dani DaOrtiz ($14.40)

From the mind of Dani DaOrtiz comes Invisible Speller - a card routine too good not to have in your working repertoire.

Three spectators shuffle a deck of cards, and one is asked to think of any card possible. After the selection is made, a spectator spells the name of their thought-of-card from the deck on the table. Incredibly, the final card of the spelling sequence is their mental selection.

A personal favorite of DaOrtiz, you’ll enjoy detailed explanation of not only the effect itself, but the psychological subtitles involved in both the trick and selection process. Today Dani DaOrtiz shares with us another minor miracle guaranteed to astound both magicians and spectators alike. 


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  • Peter asks: How hard us this to do?does it work everytime,

    • 1. Russel answers: Yres, this works every single time. No multiple outs, the outcome will always be the same (as in the thought of card will be found through the spelling procedure).
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  • Gene asks: Can this be done over the phone or on a zoom call?

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    Customer reviews for Invisible Speller



    Absolutely fantastic, Dani has released yet another masterful piece of card magic. Could not recommend this any more enthusiastically. Absolute genius, as always.







    Fantastic effect! Can't wait to try it out!



    I just purchased Dani DaOrtiz's Invisible Speller for a friend--Art of Magic offers gift certificates--and my friend tells me he loves it. He says it's easy to understand and clearly explained.



    The trick beautifully layer out with clever psychology



    Dani is one of the best card magician and he proved once again.This trick requires little setup and psychological thing but Dani teaches everything so clearly so anyone can perform anytime probably self working trick.



    Great effect, my only problem with this is in order for this trick to really work you need to have a persona, like Dani has, so that you can get away with some of the moves and the psychology behind it.

    Invisible Speller by Dani DaOrtiz