Magic download (video) by Mark Elsdon
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Magic download (video) by Mark Elsdon ($24.00)

This is creator Mark Elsdon's favorite effect he has ever created. You cause a participant to instantly become the most interesting person in any gathering. Without any advanced training, you take a volunteer and "gift" her the ability to perform absolute miracles with a pack of cards. She can divine selected cards from other participants, tell someone else which card they are thinking of, and do an incredible version of ACAAN.

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"Wow. This is a real worker! I love the fact that the girl IS the star and will be unable to explain it herself. This is very clever... I think it is the best ‘audience participation’ routine ever!" Jean-Jacques Sanvert

"Limelight, so simple to do yet extremely clever and baffling. I watched Mark fry a room full of magicians with this, including myself, it really is very clever indeed! This has gone straight onto my A-list." Gary Jones

“Hey Mark just wanted to say I have read Limelight straight through several times now and all I can say is **** ****!! This is so clever… I know this is going to go down a storm in Sleight bar. Thank you so much for a truly beautiful piece.” Paul Brookes

"It is without a doubt, the best magic routine with cards I've seen in a long, long while. Kinda wish you kept it for yourself, but glad you didn't." George A Woo

“This really is a masterfully constructed piece of magical entertainment. Having witnessed this being performed by Mark I know it's guaranteed to stun. I can't wait to start using it!” Roddy McGhie

"Audience participation in magic tricks normally only serves to make the performer look good. Limelight cleverly changes the dynamic, enabling you to genuinely let your participant shine. I'll use this. Hugely recommended!" James Went

“After seeing this performed it truly is genius. Grab it while you can.” Dan Burgess

Running time: 1 hour 8 minutes


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Thank you Mark Elsdon for Limelight & some fabulous tricks & stunning routines.
I am an 80 year old magician & this I will have with me for the rest of my life.
With just one breather card, you can use the deck for all your card routines.
With no preparation it can be performed in an instance.
NOTE! I will use the Queen of Diamonds instead of the Queen of Clubs.
A lot of people get Spades & Clubs mixed up but everyone knows Hearts & Diamonds.



If you are doing gigs for small groups of people (cocktail parties, house parties) this is GOLD. I is exactly what a piece of magic should be. It puts the skill on the spectator and she walks away the hero. With so many tricks that turn the helper into the butt of the joke, this turns them into a star. What more could you ask for? A trick that makes your spectator look great and yet the magic is still strong, In fact so strong, that the helper will have no idea how the trick works. 20 bucks is a huge bargain. Get it now and you won't be disappointed.



Excellent trick. Five phases with a different method for each phase, and modular so you can expand the trick at your pace. But most important: really good audience engagement and empowering them to do the magic.


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  • Christopher asks: Can this effect be performed over Zoom?

    • 1. Jim answers: Not unless you can speak privately to the participant during the routine.
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