Mechanic's Shift

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Mechanic's Shift

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Magic download (video) by Jo Sevau and Richard Hucko ($5.00 - normally $10.00)

The Mechanic's Shift is pure underground bliss, a hot new control from anywhere in the deck. This is what it's all about: bringing YOU artists you've never seen before, doing amazing things. And we do it first. The move is absolutely invisible.

This 45-minute tutorial shows you INCREDIBLE applications and variations of this phantom-like control. Looking for a challenge? Something totally in the hands that looks like nothing? A multiple shift for four Aces? The Mechanic's Shift is here, straight from the underground and onto your screen. No frills. No fancy edits. No cut-aways.

Our favorite application is a center steal directly to palm. This is a rare treat, since other center-steals require a two-handed squaring action or an awkward moment. Here, with one hand, you maneuver any card from any position directly into palm. And to see these guys do it is a thing of beauty. You know what you're getting when you learn with Vanishing Inc Magic. A basic video with CLEAR, simple video editing, that goes into great depth about finger placement, move theory, and applications. Our next hit...the Mechanic's Shift.

Running time: 43 minutes, 43 seconds.


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Customer reviews for Mechanic's Shift



This is an important contribution to magic. Jo Sevau and Richard Hucko have done an impressive amount of work expanding upon one move. The result is a number of different applications including control from the middle to the top, bottom or straight into a palm. The amount of detail covered in the download video is astonishing. Moreover the move can be done one handed which is interesting in its own right.



Truely impressive work from these guys, they've taken a move and ran with it and produced some amazing results. The palm from centre is a thing of beauty. This is one for the move monkeys and could become my favourite TV time practice move.



Is this the greatest card move ever invented?? Very possibly! If I hadn't bought the download, I would never have been able to imagine just how incredible this move is, in the hands of Jo & Richard it's a story of perfection. They have carefully crafted a move & worked on it to a degree that's rarely seen. I'm looking forward to perfecting this move myself and seeing where it takes my routines. The bar has been raised folks, from every aspect. Inspired.



If I have to resume the download in one word it would be: Wow!

The move is hard, but it has so many applications, Richard Hucko and Jo Sevau didn't stop thinking when they got a few applications, they really studied all the possibilities with the move until they have cover everything.

I personally love the one handed bottom palm by Larry Jennings (not explained or showed on this download), but the one handed center steal directly into left hand palm is a thing of beauty.

If you like to practice a lot, get this. The move is difficult, but not impossible, and looking Richard and Jo doing it effortless is amazing.

Another great download from Vanishing Inc. 10/10

Mechanic's Shift by Jo Sevau and Richard Hucko