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Magic download (ebook) by Paul A. Lelekis ($10.00)

Mirage - magic

3 amazing effects for the price of 1 in this awesome download!

Mirage is an incredible new card magic concept from the creative mind of Paul A. Lelekis. It explores a whole new realm of paradoxes and is a true magician fooler.

You're going to love this innovative new idea! This is what real magic should look like!

Two red-backed cards are sealed with paper clips and laid on the table from the start of the effect (your magician friends will be watching closely at this point!). A card is then selected and signed by a spectator from a blue-back deck. After losing the card in the deck, you openly pick up the red-backed, paper-clipped card. With one in each hand, you hold them freely to show there are NO HOLD-OUTS or any other cards in your hand to switch in.

The spectator then selects one of the cards (completely free choice). You open it to show its a JOKER, because "Jokers are wild!" (dumb joke). However, then the other card is then opened to reveal it is the spectator's signed card with a RED BACK. The spectator can even open the card themselves. You have nothing to hide because you end completely clean.


Don't be surprised if this unbelievable paradox angers some of your magician friends! They've probably never seen ANYTHING like this before.


With your purchase of Mirage, you're also going to receive two other amazing routines. These are real workers!


This one has to be seen to be believed. A pencil OPENLY and VISIBLY passes directly through a rubber band stretched between the fingers of both hands.

No covering up. No fast movements to blur their vision. Just pure magic where the pencil (pen or magic wand) visibly melts through the rubber band.

This one absolutely stuns everyone from kids to adults.


This one includes a special secret from Michael Skinner that will show you why he is one of the best magicians in the world.

A selected card is lost within the deck of cards. Your spectator then chooses 4 cards at random from the deck. When shown the face and backs of these cards, your spectator agrees that their selection is among them.

You then turn the packet face down and show the four backs. With a quick twist, their selection magically turns up. (Similar to Dai Vernon's Twisting the Aces). Another twist, and the selection turns back face down. You can then turn all the cards face up to show everything is normal.

Very simple, yet insanely effective.

You're definitely going to want to try this one out right away.

Download Mirage today!


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