Mistaken Sandwich

Magic download (video) by Bill Goodwin
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Mistaken Sandwich

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Magic download (video) by Bill Goodwin ($6.00)

One of 10 original effects featured on Reflection, a collection of card magic from Bill Goodwin. In Mistaken Sandwich, a card is produced between two others. Realizing that it is not the selection, the magician causes it to change into the correct card. The three cards can be examined.


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This in my opinion is a very nice trick, as it includes a card being lost and then found while a sandwich and a change happen. From this point of view is a very complete trick, without losing the kicker ending (the card changes and you end completely clean at he end). Overall, the effect is great, the teaching is precise and well-put, offering methods that can be applied in general in many tricks, and as a bonus at the end is a part where Mr.Goodwin performs the effect silently and an OTS camera (over the sloulder) shows the exposed view for when you practise the trick, so you can see quickly what you should do. Highly recommended.



This trick is a visual sandwich effect. You will also learn a technique that allows you to have only three cards at the end of the trick, and that's a very useful pass!!!



This is a wonderful sandwich effect that is baffling to a common spectator. As a magician it is not that difficult to see what is going on, but nonetheless a great effect worth adding to your repertoire.

Mistaken Sandwich by Bill Goodwin