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Magic download (video) by Eric Richardson ($12.00)

The Haunted Pack is arguably the strongest card trick possible—a card moves from the deck ON ITS OWN. Yet, why is it that so few magicians use this trick? It's not difficult. But it normally uses thread, and this makes it difficult to perform in many well-lit venues, during the day, or up close. Plus, some of us simply don't feel comfortable doing magic with such fragile invisible thread.

Well, there is FINALLY another solution. Eric Richardson's Momentum is a Haunted Pack style effect WITH NO THREADS OR GIMMICKS. Imagine spreading cards in your hand and causing a THOUGHT-OF card to slowly, eerily SPIN OUT OF THE SPREAD. Your hands are completely still. Now, imagine doing this with a REGULAR PACK OF CARDS. Momentum is a revolutionary concept in playing card animation, and we see this becoming a regular staple of your repertoire. Look at the trailer...truly unbelievable. As you have come to expect from Vanishing Inc, the tutorial is in impeccable detail and high definition, nearly an hour in length, and all for just TEN DOLLARS.

This effect can be learned in less than an hour, as you follow along with the brilliant Eric Richardson as he teaches you each detail, step by step. Richardson is not the first to attempt to perform a Haunted Pack without gimmicks, but we believe his version is by far the best, and radically different in approach.

Running time: 53 minutes, 15 seconds.


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Customer reviews for Momentum



I have been working on Momentum this weekend and I must say that I am
very unhappy. What am I going to do with my Boss Reels, Spider Pen, etc.

A haunted deck effect with no string breakage or lighting conditions
to worry about. No table needed and can be done with a borrowed deck. It's just not right!

This is brilliant thinking and a great method for a classic effect.




This is absolutely brilliant.

At first, after watching the explanation I was like wow. And then when I tried to do it, it seemed so hard!! I couldn't get it at all for a while, and after an hour or so I left it.

Then I came back to it after a while...and the first time I got it working I amazed myself!! And then I got the one-handed version working...and oh my god, how beautiful is that. Perfect for walk-around.

Eric's teaching is to the point. He teaches EVERYTHING you need. Pay close attention to the fine details. Even though it isn't a lavishly produced video, it's all you need and more.

No gimmicks, no thread. Just a deck (even a borrowed deck!) and just spread it on your hands...and amaze! This might be the best trick I've ever purchased...and for just $10 too! It's a steal.



I've just finished watching the video and I was very impressed.
The method is very clever and it definitly seems like something that I'll learn and use.
In General the teaching of Eric Richardson is amazing, he covers all the important information about how to perform the trick, but furthermore he gives you different routines and great advice on how to use the trick in your programm. Furthermore I really enjoyed his ideas on presentation, which a lot of information can be applied to magic in general.

This is a great download !! :D



Best download yet..
awesome method, actually quite easy to learn following Eric as he teaches.



My first impression:
When I first bought this, I thought the method was so easy I thought that there was no way it could fool anybody. Then I remembered that I watched the trailer at least 5 times and I had no idea how it was done.

After watching the video multiple times (still the first day):
At first, I COULD NOT get it to work. I had no idea why, I watched the explanation (which is very detailed by the way) multiple times, but for some reason, the card would not animate. After a few frustrating hours, I finally stopped trying to get the card to animate.

The next day:
So I decide to try Momentum again. On my first try, it worked. It worked on my second, third, and fourth try as well. Then I did the advanced handling (Momentum done with ONE hand), and I did it flawlessly every single time. It was amazing.

To sum everything up:
This is an AMAZING effect. With more than 50 minutes of detailed instruction (and I mean DETAILED), 3 already constructed routines, performance tips, the one-handed advanced handling, and some other cool ideas, this effect is a must-have for any magician.



WOW! Beautiful impromptu effect! The animation of the card without any threads magnets or gimmicks of any sort is amazing! it looks great through my own eyes let alone the laymen! The method is so different to what I was expecting, just brilliant. This is definitely going to be used by me!

Thanks so much for this!



I have seen a few impromptu Haunted Deck methods, but this is by far the best one! Eric is a great teacher and explains every single detail you need to make Momentum work.

No needs of special lighting, extra props, sticky stuff on cards, etc. Totally impromptu believe it or not.

Highly recommended



I just have to give a review of this technique. I was fully aware of the method for this prior to purchasing as I had 'discovered' it quite by accident on my own and had been doing it from a tabled position. What Eric Richardson has been able to do with this method is a galaxy away from what I have been doing. This is outstanding, not terribly difficult to learn, though practice will be necessary to master and do the animation consistently. Eric, thank you for sharing this with the magic community. This is going into my repertoire and will stay there!

Momentum by Eric Richardson