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Magic download (ebook) by Liam Montier ($18.00)

Pandora is a collection of off-beat and strong magic using your card case.

This booklet has it all - from visual routines to the purely baffling, with detailed instructions on how to make the gimmicks required for the 8 killer ideas that you will be performing in no time!

Visually change a mini card that is STAPLED to your card case! Heal burn marks on signed cards and the box! Make your spectators VISUALLY see the deck expand, so much so it won't fit back in the box! Expose a 'secret slit' in your card box, before it magically seals up when a spectator tries it!

These routines are just a sample of the effects inside, and includes 'Graffitti', Liam's signature 'card in window' card case with the double change that not even magicians see coming!

All the routines leave the card case totally examinable, you clean and your spectators busted!

Superbly produced with a TON of studio shot photos, Pandora is a great collection of magic to make up and do!

26 pages


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Dr. Joaquin M.

I never really looked into the work of Liam Montier until just recently. Thus far, I am impressed. It was my own previous work with similar types of gimmicks in the past that made me decide to purchase this e-book, and I am glad I did!

There is absolutely something for everyone in this body of work and none of them are all that technically difficult. I am the type of magician that hates carrying any number of special decks or extra, special "somethings" (or card boxes, for that matter) around for various effects, unless it is just one deck and that is the only card effect I am performing all night. In this case there are no special decks. A number of effects in this book will require you to physically alter a card box in order to use them for those effects, but they are still normal and can still be used to store/transport your working deck.

There is one bit of annoyance I have to point out with this product and that is the text and photo layout. At various points throughout, you will find yourself reading along and the text will reference "Photo X", for which you will then have to scroll down a bit (often to a different page) to find that photo, then scroll back up to continue reading the text. In short, many of the photos are nowhere near the text in which they are referenced.

Now, that does not mean that the instructions (both text and photos) are not clear, because they are. Every detail is there, nothing is left out and everything was easy to understand.

I have to sidetrack for a moment and ask you to think of how often one sees new magic effects and products released to the magic community in books, on DVDs or as a packaged product, most of which is worth no more than being left to rot in the bottom of a garbage pit. You will not find anything like that in this book, but I bring it up for this reason: Most of those products are mere filler material and is played up as being "The best latest version of _______" or "The most amazing, miraculous _______ EVER!"

Well, in the bonus section of this e-book you will find three effects, all of which the author readily and openly admits, "...have a potential to be good but are not quite there as they are in their current state" (to paraphrase). I really appreciate the honesty in that statement and he leaves it up to the reader to put the effects together and figure out how to bring those effects up to that level. In my opinion, whilst I still agree with Mr. Montier, I think the bonus effects are pretty good anyway.

My absolute favorite effects from this work are Graffiti, Scorched and Thru and Thru, the last of which is one of the aforementioned bonus effects.

Not everything in this e-book will appeal to everyone, but as I previously stated, there is something for everyone and it is definitely worth checking out. At the very least, even if you do not perform any of the material within, it will most certainly inspire you to further explore your own ideas in this area of card magic!