Piano Card Project

Magic download (video) by Calen Morelli
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Piano Card Project

18.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Calen Morelli ($18.00)

Calen Morelli returns with an amazing new project that changes the game for visual magic, and Vanishing Inc. Magic is delighted to have the worldwide exclusive to share it with you!

Don't let its modest price fool you, The Piano Card Project contains the secrets to creating one-of-a-kind card gaffs that allow you to visually melt one playing card into another in ways unlike anything else we've ever seen.

These innovative gimmicks give you control over the changes like a skilled composer sitting behind a piano. You can adjust the timing, the visuals and all the key moments as the holes or writing on a card move, or the colors change, in a gorgeous flash of magic.

The Piano Card Project offers methods for both beginner and advanced gaff makers. In fact, the simple, easy version can be built in less than 30 minutes by magicians with NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE. While the advanced version offers valuable insights for skilled gaff makers that want to take their gimmick-making to new levels.

This is more than just a new trick or visual moment for TikTok or Instagram. For just the price of a quick lunch, The Piano Card Project allows you to unlock a variety of revolutionary new possibilities for visual magic.


Community questions about Piano Card Project

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  • Daniel asks: Can piano card project be used in real life (not just social media)? Can it be done in one hand and switched via top change or double lift wuth the deck in the other hand?

    • 1. wajtttt answers: the only thing you have to keep in mine is covering the small audio in person to person viewing. so no churches. the visuals look better in person...the camera catches everything, the human eye blurs the change more and looks more continuous.
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  • Juan asks: Can the required materials be listed here please? It says on the description that this is about gaff building so I don’t think that would be much to give away.

    • 1. Antonio answers: exacto knife, thread, some spear cards, glue
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  • Albert asks: I would like to know to obtain the things necessary to build the gaffs are readily available?

    • 1. Alexander answers: In the download Calen shows you exactly where to obtain what you'll need—and yes, everything required is easy to get your hands on.
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  • Nathan asks: Is it similar to Hondo's version?

    • 1. Tony answers: Nope! in my opinion
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  • Bill asks: Can this be done close-up?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes you can perform it in close up. The card can't be examined but it looks great live.
  • Mark asks: Do you have to be able to split cards? I'm guessing you do, but I want to make sure. (What I know about splitting cards, you could put in your eye and not feel. I realize it's "knacky," but so far the knack has managed to elude me, no matter what approach I take.)

    • 1. James answers: No Splitting Necessary
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  • Lachlan asks: Is the price in pounds or in us currency?

    • 1. Tony answers: It depends on your country you choose. You can choose your country at the end of any page
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Customer reviews for Piano Card Project



This project moves the needle forward in the hyper visual card gimmick world. Calen’s attention to detail in this effect and on instructional download makes this a great effect to add to your visuals. Highly recommended!



Calen is a real artist, and through sharing his thinking in this project, he's encouraging other magicians to actually creatively express themselves in that manner. This download teaches you a conceptual and methodological framework to create your own effects. Many magic downloads are presented in a way that encourages a culture of mirroring the performer and re-skinning their routine for your own performances. This is not like that at all. Throughout the download, Calen encourages viewers' to run with his idea to create their own unique magic. It's an important distinction, and this is an important idea. It's fun and will challenge your own creative approach. Highly recommended.



Really visual piece of art.??










I love this effect. That’s why i designed these pieces. The visuals speak for themselves. I do ask for the magicians watching to use basic problem solving if they want to make the advanced versions. Even my non magician friends have made these just for fun. All the information needed to create the beautiful visuals seen in the trailer is given but not spoon fed to viewer. This is will take practice to build just like we have to practice sleight of hand moves. I can assure you the value i offer in these downloads is unparalleled when it comes to gimmick design.







Wow! Excellent illusion!!! Calen is awesome.



Very good ideas presented here. Worthy purchase





"Piano Card Project" is a great tutorial for making your own gimmicks for card transpositions. Calen Morelli teaches the principle behind the piano cards very clearly and I guess this principle can be applied to many other transpositions as well. You'll need a bunch of materials for making the gaff cards – if you haven't already made flap cards and similar gaffs, you have to buy some stuff before getting to work.



The Piano Card Project is a very cool system, and very fun to make endless of ppossibilities



This is a very cool gimmick. It uses a principle that a lot of us know in a very creative way. You will need elastic thread a needle and some spare cards for this just like most gimmicks. I haven't managed to make a successful one yet, but that is probably just because I am not extremely advanced in gimmick making. I also loved all of the ideas he had to make this different. They are all very cool. This is a great download, just make sure you have the time and patients to make the gimmicks.



This is a great visual effect, however, building it is extremely difficult for someone like me that has no experience using the items needed to build this. In the video, he assumes you know how to do some of this so he just glazes over saying do this, do that, however, I personally needed more guidance. In addition, I had to buy many additional items not required but just to assist to get a "ok" gimmick. It's hard to describe without giving exposure over the methods, but I needed more detailed explanations.



I admit that the visual looks really nice. If you are looking for a few seconds of powerful visual effect to be used in a virtual show that you can edit, this will work for you. And while it is true that it will look good live, being able to perform it live would be extremely difficult. The gimmick is one that cannot be easily put in position in your hands. The video gives absolutely no information about how to get into this effect or how to clean up afterwards - and I guarantee that your audience will want to examine the card. In fact, the instruction, all the way through, assumes that you will be performing online. So, if you want to be able to stop the camera, get the gimmick into the right position in your hand, turn on the camera, perform the effect in a few seconds, and then ditch the gimmick off-screen, this is for you. If you want to perform in the real world, not so much.



I have always admired Morelli´s work, I have had some of his videos before.
This project is patially good, although he states he has lots of years working on this, those are not reflected on his explanations, specially on the construction of the last and most complex gimmick , is basically : go figure it out if you can, I guess it would have been very good if he had taken the time to really explain it. (i have payed less money for better explanations if you know what I mean)
As for the gimmick although is a very good idea, I don´t think it works in real life , i made the basic one, but is is very noisy, cant figure out how to avoid that with public surrounding you. would recommend just in case you really want to know the secret, but not if you really want to used for more than an Instagram video.

Piano Card Project by Calen Morelli