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Magic download (video) by Jeremy Griffith ($21.60)

An old and closely guarded technique, used by hustlers and cheats to control cards. No gaffs, preparation, or special decks. Do you have the knack? Sit down with Jeremy Griffith as he walks you through the techniques and his favorite applications for "ripping" the deck.

Also included are a strategies for controlling multiple cards during a shuffle and cut sequence, and Ron Conley, a living legend in the Gambling Protection industry, sits down with Jeremy to discuss brief work and some of the nefarious techniques professional Cardmen used at the card table in his first ever digital release for the magic community.


Community questions about Ripping

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  • Noah asks: Does this have to be done with a new deck or can it be one that I have a used already?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It needs to be a new deck.
  • Noah asks: So how long will I have before I can’t do it anymore if I’m practicing 4 hours a day?

    • 1. Jeremy answers: That depends on the deck. The newer the deck, the easier it is. The friction is less and the edges are more distinct, but I regularly do it with used decks after a lot of practice
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  • Noah asks: How long does it take to get down stripping out one card?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Sadly that's not really possible to answer as it depends on how much you practice is. It'll take a long time though.
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Ripping allows you to have full control over your selected cards through a very interesting move. this is very well taught and has quite a few applications and its not the hardest thing to get the hang of. Definitely a must have for anybody looking for a Challenging but extremely rewarding sleight

Ripping by Jeremy Griffith