Roadrunner Cull - Volume 2 (The Cull Continues)

Magic download (video) by Kostya Kimlat
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Roadrunner Cull - Volume 2 (The Cull Continues)

54.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Kostya Kimlat ($54.00)

In this volume, Kostya goes beyond the "cull" of duty to provide an in-depth look at the technique, handling, and attitude that will make your card technique look flawless. Remember, this is the technique that Kostya used to fool Penn & Teller on 'Fool US'!

This is the ultimate compendium DVD for all lovers and performers of card magic. Over 90 minutes of new magic, techniques, and a complete live-workshop session with commentary from Kostya. In this volume, Kostya goes beyond the "cull" of duty to provide an in-depth look at the technique, handling, and attitude that will make your card technique look flawless. Once you've devoured the contents of Volume 1, you're going to love how the learning experience continues on this second volume.

Insert this DVD-ROM into your computer and you will see complete interviews with Michael Ammar, Vito Lupo and Adam Rubin. You'll also find the complete Roadrunner Cull 20-page manuscript in English, Spanish and French, along with other bonus tricks and videos that have been unavailable since the initial release of Volume One.


1. Introduction

2. You're about to continue culling, how do you feel:

I want to go back to the basics

I want to see the advanced stuff

I want to learn more magic

3. Back to the Basics: Live Breakdown of Workshop Session

1st Card Touches

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Positioning of the Cards

The Width of the Spread

Multiple Card Tips: Rhythm and Flow

Practice Tips

Common Mistakes: Losing Cards

Finger and Hand Positioning

Learning Tips and Eureka Moments

4. The Advanced Work: Workshop Session Continues

Rhythm and Spread Tips

Stacking Cards via the Cull

Avoiding the "Vanishing Card" Trick

Avoiding Hesitations

Starting the Cull & Alternate Handlings

Common Mistakes: Avoiding the "Gap"

Performance Angles

One-Card Reverse Cull (Elbaum)

Odds and Ends:

- Convincing Control

- When Spread Breaks

- Alternate Finish for Red/Black Separation

- Confidence and Spectator Management

5. I want to learn more magic

Four the Easy Way

Searcher Sandwich

Straight-Edge Cullectors

Ten Times Triumph

Partial Cull Triumph

Streamlined Switch

Undercover Foursome

Quick "Gambler vs Magician"

It Takes 4 To Find 4


Credits and Resources for Further Learning

BONUS Contents:

- Full Interviews with Michael Ammar, Vito Lupo, Adam Rubin

- Original 20 page "Roadrunner Cull" Manuscript - English, French, Spanish

- Bonus Trick by Kostya Kimlat & Syd Segal

- Bonus Performance Videos

Running Time Approximately: 137 min


Customer reviews for Roadrunner Cull - Volume 2 (The Cull Continues)



Super addition to Vol 1, collectively these really do create the only resource you'll ever need on the cull.

The effects are of real worth too.



In this Vol. 2, Kostya provides valuable tips and additions to the first DVD. Teaching lessons draw attention to small mistakes or inconsistencies. If you want to perfect the Cull, take a look here!



This is a great complement to the first volume of the set. The practical tips for practicing and improving, as well as the additional routines presented make the cull even more accessible.



Really liked the detailed explanation. A great technique to practice,


Community questions about Roadrunner Cull - Volume 2 (The Cull Continues)

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  • Michael asks: Hello, VIM. Does Kostya's Roadrunner Cull 2-DVD set differ significantly from the methodologies taught in his prior cull work videos? Or, is this an improved method for teaching the cull methodology? In other words, are there significant teaching improvements and/or new methodologies on the cull in this new 2-DVD set? Thanks for the information. Mike Sturgeon P.S. Are your Bicycle Invisible Decks printed in the original Rider-back style, or, are they the newer Mandolin-back cards? Do the decks come in the older "808 POKER" boxes?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The content on this DVD is different from Roadrunner Cull. It includes many extra cull techniques.
  • Alan asks: I want to learn the Road Runner Cull. Should I just buy Volume 2? Or do I have to spend $90 to be good at it?

    • 1. Tony answers: If you just want to learn the cull I suggest you but the vol 1
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