Magic download (video) by Jack Carpenter
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Magic download (video) by Jack Carpenter ($7.00)

Instantly solve a Rubik's Cube, as if by magic! Jack Carpenter presents his original method for magically solving a thoroughly mixed cube. Based on the groundbreaking work of Takamiz Usui, Karl Hein, and Steven Brundage, Jack's instant cube solve is devious and amazing! In the tutorial, Jack presents an extremely detailed handling of the cube shuffle and several flourishy methods for completing the solve.

As part of our Community Captions project, the explanation video for this download has optional English subtitles.


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I have the excellent work of Stephen Brundage, but wanted a more detailed false shuffle technique for the Rubik's cube. Jack Carpenter's self-effacing tutorial did not disappoint.It is very easy to follow because Jack explains it so well. Excellent filming; just what you would expect from Art of Magic. Michael Giblin, Sydney, Australia



There are so many Cube effects out there these days, but THIS one is concise, visual, and gets right to the punchline quickly. The teacher's not bad either : ). I am enjoying this very much. Thanks!



This a relatively easy and quick solution of an apparently well-mixed-up rubik's cube. The final mid-air revelation is pure eye-candy, what I call "order from chaos".
This is well taught and will certainly delight your audiences. Although the individual moves are each pretty simple, putting them all together will take a significant effort. This more of a fluorish than magic, as presented.



Ce tour m'a donné toute satisfaction.
Merci de partager ce tour avec la communauté magique.



Jack Carpenter is a great thinker in magic and Rubikulous looks really good.
I started with cube3 and learned these techniques. Basically Rubikulous utilizes a mixup from cube3, then comes a new false shuffle and finally a slight variation of the solving sequence. For owners of Steven Brundage's work this trick is not a game changer. But the false shuffle Mr. Carpenter came up with is pure gold. This is what you buy here and for $7 it is a steal. You can use the false shuffle in all your other cube tricks and make them look more impossible. The teaching is good, but a bit to fast at some point, so you need to rewind a few times. For cube3 owners you get this down in literally 10 minutes and will definitly use what you learn here.
Greetings from Germany.



For the price, I would have given this an excellent, but the instruction could have been a little more thought out. I do agree with the other reviewer who said Jack explains very quarter turn, but then when it comes to the false shuffle, which is really nice, he does it with very little explanation and quickly.

But, the good news, it is a video so you can rewind in 10 second intervals and watch closely how he does it. I always convert these to Algo's then with practice, muscle memory always take over.

It is certainly worth the price if you like cube magic that is ungimmicked...



You will need a speed cube or really smooth cube and already know how to solve a cube.
The moves are not hard. Showed these to people familiar with Brundage's material but they did not recognize the sequence. The moves make the cube looks really mixed up.



I do like this trick but I think that the teaching could have been done better. The effect is fun and easy. Teaching is a bit hard to follow. You also need to use a higher quality, speed cube instead of a standard Rubik's cube to do this.



I understand that this is not a very complicated thing, and that the video is not very long or in depth. A lot of time is spent during the "full speed performance" part talking about how the next part is going to go slower, but when it gets to be the "slow" part, he glosses over the most complicated move without taking any time to describe what he's doing. He breaks down every quarter turn and half turn with great care and detail, but then skips describing the complicated move.

Rubikulous by Jack Carpenter