ShinSplint 2.0

Magic download (video) by Shin Lim
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ShinSplint 2.0

7.75 usd

Magic download (video) by Shin Lim ($7.75)

Four Aces turn face-down, one by one, each in a more stunning manner than the last; all done with just the fingertips.

Stunning. Shin's favorite phase is when the third Queen appears as he turns the fan around. This part kills and fools even the most seasoned magician. Shin Lim has been performing this routine for the past 8 years, and has impressed countless magicians with this amazing rendition of twisting the Aces.

Taking inspiration from Guy Hollingworth's 'Waving the Queens,' ShinSplint 2.0 cranks the card-by-card inversion plot into overdrive.


Customer reviews for ShinSplint 2.0



I was looking for a visual, table-free trick that plays big, and this delivers. It's done at the finger tips and feels very "hands-off" in that sense. However, I was very disappointed by the quality of the video explanation, especially compared to other Vanishing Inc. products. The download is 15 minutes long, but does not feature a single spoken explanation. Instead, the explanation is delivered by text appearing on the top of the screen, and the silence is filled with obnoxious music. In a few shots, Shin appears to be wearing headphones, which, combined with the fact he does not address the viewer, makes for a very impersonal explanation. It feels like it is only about a product being sold, rather than Shin wanting to connect with those who purchase and want to learn the trick. Though the explanation is thorough, it is by far not the most appealing.

Trick: 7/10
Video: 3/10



It is very hard to perform, and the video is very hard to follow. There is distracting music and no speech, only subtitles. You have to go back a lot to understand what’s happening with the cards, And some bits are repeated, making it even more confusing. A better video would be muchly appreciated for 1 trick I payed £7.50 for.


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  • Brian asks: Is this a gimmick

    • 1. Tony answers: It's an impromptu effect
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  • Juan asks: How difficult is this effect?

    • 1. Tony answers: It's 7/10 in my opinion
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  • Tabitha asks: How visual is this effect and what cases do I want to use this effect in

    • 1. James answers: In terms of the visual nature of the effect, watch the video again. What you see is the same thing that an audience will see. It is visual in my opinion. In what cases would you use it? That is entirely up to you.
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