The Answer

Magic download (video) by Benjamin Earl
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The Answer

12.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Benjamin Earl ($6.00 - normally $12.00)

This outstanding, self-working card trick is as simple as it is amazing: a spectator shuffles an ordinary pack and then selects the PERFECT card to complete a Royal Flush.

As with all of Benjamin Earl's superlative work, the aesthetic is casual and, above all, believable. This effect feels less like a magic trick and more like an actual demonstration of an extraordinary, real moment.

"The Answer" is entirely self-working, and can be done with any borrowed pack of cards. In 30 detailed minutes, Ben takes you through the effect in great detail, supplying all the nuances that he has gleaned in over a decade evolving and performing "The Answer."

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Running time: approximately 30 minutes


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  • Michael asks: can you say how long it takes to do a preparation from a borrowed deck?

    • 1. Tony answers: Hi, It takes around 15 seconds to set up the trick with a borrowed and shuffled deck (for me)
    • 2. Michael answers: There is no set up. It’s performed from a shuffled deck.
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Customer reviews for The Answer



I love Ben Earl's work, it's so close to my own style. This trick is beautiful, could have been worked out quite easily from the trailer but I enjoy Ben's style and variety of miss-direction I thought it would be worth a purchase.



Don't be fooled by the simplicity of the effect or the absence of sleight, this is really powerful magic for a layperson. Ben goes through some interesting subtleties on the handling and on the design of the routine that makes it really strong.
No, you will never fool any magicians with this. But you may use it to perform some great magic.



This is really great! What a lovely piece of card magic theater. I've been using this for a while. The teaching is so clear, and the psychology is bulletproof!



This is a fooler. Yes the method may seem obvious to magicians but lay people genuinely have no idea how this is done. Some may be turned off because the shuffling process seems a bit odd, but I have not had anyone question it.

Some of you were probably able to figure out the method just by watching the performance, but that's not necessarily what you are paying for with this download. Benjamin has clearly put a lot of thought into this effect and he goes through every detail and the psychology behind it.

Don't blow this effect off as being to simple. People love it, and they don't care how simple the method is because if you're doing your job right, they will have no idea.



This trick is simple and brilliant. It is a total psychological trap, and if you are the type of magician who likes to look into his audience's eyes/faces after a trick as they try to figure out how something impossible not just right in front of them, but in their own hands, than this is the trick for you.

I promise you, laypeople will not be able to figure this out, even if no magician is fooled by it.



As always a carefully considered routine which gives you a wealth of subtleties without tying you down to a specific plot. Started using this the day after I received it and got great reactions - best when you can use an unhurried presentation.



Ben Earl is a genius. (You don't need to read the rest of this review... just purchase the download already...)

Technicality wise, this routine is simple and could be performed by almost any magician of any skill level. But, because of the many touches and subtleties that Ben has added to this plot and routine, it makes it a strong powerhouse routine that you will love and perform.

Go ahead and purchase it! You will not be disappointed.



Ben gives fresh advice on one of the most underrated techniques in card magic. You may think that the method is very easy and that you may know how it’s done by watching the trailer, but believe when I say that reconstructing the method by watching the trailer is not the same as hearing Ben giving expert advice and the phycology behind The Answer. The best of all, it’s just 10 bucks, so add it to your cart.



This was my first download from Benjamin Earl. I knew of him from his expert skills in sleight of hand, so this self-working fooler was a pleasant surprise.

This trick is well constructed and is in reach of any practitioner of magic. Ben not only teaches it well, but also gives explains the psychological subtleties that makes this trick strong.

Even though I love sleight of hand, I would have to say that this is probably my favourite card trick due to the beauty in it's design and the strength in the effect. As an added bonus, it showcases Ben Earl's way of thinking when it comes to strong magic.





Easy to do. Seems impossible. One of my favourite tricks to do and always seems to be the one people remember - most likely because the spectator basically does everything. Would recommend to anyone and everyone.









Just buy it. Vanishing Inc are one of the best magic shops to deal with